John Francis - Chapter 79

Sunday, May 11, 2008 at 8:13 PM
“Honey, I’d like to talk to you and I want you to hear me all the way through, okay?” He nodded at her.

“On Christmas morning I would like you to go through with your plans to be with your kids, but without me.” His face scowled, but she held up her hand. “I asked to let me finish.” He nodded again.

“After you spend the morning there, then if Dot agrees I would like to bring my mother over and meet your family. Having us there with the kids not even knowing who I am is just wrong. Spend the time with them, ask Dot, then mom and I will meet them. Please do this, Jon. I don’t feel comfortable the other way.”

He considered everything she had just said and while the controlling part of him wanted to say the hell with everyone else, he realized she was right.

“I think you’re right and I’m glad you thought of this. Thanks, babe.” He kissed her and they finished their meal.

How does she do this? Is it a natural gift? She’s thoughtful and generous. I didn’t expect this.

After dinner Amanda showered while Jon puttered in the bedroom, more to keep an eye on her safety. Wrapped in a thick robe, she went back downstairs with him and they settled in to watch a movie. Excusing himself for a minute, he went back towards his office and called Dot.

She answered, “Hey Jon.”

“Hi yourself! How are the monsters doing?”

“Good, we just finished dinner and had a bit of a family conference. We discussed, or rather I told them about Amanda and a bit of what happened. They know they’re going to be meeting her soon and so far they seem okay with it. What’s going on there? How’s she doing?”

“Really recovering, but still a bit tired. Her mother is flying in Tuesday as they only have each other and we’ll be getting her from the airport. Hey, Dot, I did have a reason I called…”

“What’s up?”

He explained about what Manda had said and asked her what she thought about them coming over after the family had done their Christmas. He made sure Dot knew it was Amanda’s suggestion to ask Dot her preference, but that she felt it wasn’t right to be there first thing.

He heard a sigh from her end of the line and years of experience had him bracing himself a little for her response.

“Damn, Jonny, is she really as good a person as she seems to be? I mean, she makes it impossible for me not to like her…” her voice trailed off into a chuckle then. “I’d like to ask the kids and Eric, but I think that sounds like a good idea.”

Managing to get out his thanks at her answer, he said his good-byes and got off the phone. He returned to find Amanda curled on the couch and he sat with her, enjoying her warmth and their closeness. Close to eleven that evening, Amanda began to yawn and they decided to turn in for the night. Holding each other close, they talked for a few minutes about Christmas, with Jon telling her what Dot had said. Yawning again, Amanda just said “…whatever she wants…” and drifted off to sleep.


Waking the next morning fairly early as she has slept so much the day before, Manda left a sleeping Jon in bed and washing her face and brushing her teeth, she quietly went downstairs. She found the coffee pot empty and put on some to brew. Sitting at the table with her fresh cup, she thought about the next few days ahead. She felt really good today and she needed to do some Christmas shopping for her mother and of course Jon, Richie, Linda, and …she needed to make a list. She thought about Jon’s kids, what could she get for them. Nothing too personal, but perhaps a basket of cookies and chocolates? She thought about some lotions and other items for Dot and Eric, a gourmet foods basket for Linda, and for Jon…What the hell do I get him? Is there anything he doesn’t have?

“Richie? It’s Manda. Did I wake you?”

“No babe, just finishing packing for my flight. What’s up?”

She asked him flat out. “What the hell can I get Jon for Christmas?”

“Damn girl! Ask me something easy, ask me how the pyramids were built, if there are UFOs, but Jon, I have a hard time every year thinking of something for him!”

“But you manage, right?”

“Yeah, let me think a bit and I’ll call you back.”

“Thanks, hon, but I need to shop at some point today, so…”

“I get it…demanding woman!” he grumbled.


“Bye babe!” His laughter could be heard even as he was hanging up the phone.

She poured herself a second cup and thought that this would be the last day they had before family obligations began. Her mother was coming in tomorrow and then the next day it would be Christmas. She wondered what her mother would think of Jon’s home and she hoped for both their sakes there would be some snow.


Taking another cup of coffee upstairs with her, she entered their bedroom on tiptoes. Jon was still asleep, the covers half off him, just enough to show the rise of his rear and the expanse of his back. Amanda decided she was feeling bloody marvelous and moving to the bed she set the cups down on the table and carefully slid the sheet down a little further. Damn! I swear he has a better ass than I do! So not fair. She couldn’t really help herself, but brushed her hand lightly along the curve of his rear, feeling the light hairs that were there. He shifted his position and turned onto his back. Making sure he was still asleep, she moved her hands to his thighs, lightly rubbing her fingertips along them and saw his maleness twitch.

A smile on her face, she moved her hands higher and higher on his thighs until she was touching underneath his shaft with feather light movements. She watched in amazement as he grew fuller under her touches. His breathing remained slow and even and she continued. With one finger she touched the tip, working her way around slowly, feeling the incredible softness that covered the steel. She took her finger down the large vein underneath and then returned to the base.

She gave a start when his hand closed over her wrist. She looked at him with wide eyes as he gave her his lazy sexy grin. His eyes were hooded and his mouth crooked as he moved her hand with his to his length. She followed his motions, learning what he liked, alternating her gaze between his face and their movements. He kept her moving slowly at first, then taking his other hand opened her robe and took her other hand, placing it on her own breast. Keeping that hand over hers, he moved her hand on her breast in rhythm with their hands on his manhood.

An agony of longing filled her and she twisted her wrists to move his hands. Looking him in the eyes, she moved on top of him. Positioning herself, she moved with exquisite slowness down onto his shaft. His eyes darkened and his hands reached for her breasts. She put her hands on his chest, using the hardness there for leverage to help rise and then fall, filling herself with his length. Her hair fell in waves around them, brushing against Jon’s body as she moved. As she approached her climax, her head was thrown back, breasts thrust forward, and her hands caught in the hairs on his chest as she worked herself harder against him.

Jon filled his hands with Amanda’s breasts and then moved himself down to her hips, helping to lift her higher and then slam her down against him. He felt his orgasm rising as he looked at her arched above him and saw the flush spread across her chest as she approached the edge. Both gave deep groans as one released and then the other followed, both slick with their own moistures. Jon felt her muscles go slack as she fell over him, burying herself against him, her hair a blanket over their nakedness. He heard her soft sounds as she enjoyed the waves that flowed through her and he remained firmly planted inside her.

He loved that she was taking a more aggressive role with him, letting him know when she wanted him, but in her own unique way. He knew that had his mind been in a different mood this morning, she would have graciously accepted his refusal as easily as she accepted his response. He held her tightly in his arms, still amazed at this woman. He learned new things about her every day and was coming more and more to cherish her. He thought again about what Richie had said, Let her in, all the way in, or let her go. He wanted to let her in, she was the one for him. Now he just needed to convince her.


  1. Opester Says:

    "Damn! I swear he has a better ass than I do! So not fair."

    Ain't that the truth, LOL? I so understand that feeling!

    Nice way for Amanda to let Jon know she was feeling better too! Liked how she wanted to learn how he likes things too and how he was able to show her. Now, Jon, you've let her in sexually-it's time to let her in with the rest of your life!!!!

  2. jovikitn65 Says:

    Jon has to have the nicest ass I have ever seen, male or female! Yes I admit to being jealous I would love to have his ass lol.

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