John Francis - Chapter 52

Friday, May 2, 2008 at 9:46 AM
Stopping at Marcia’s desk on the way out, Amanda got the name and directions for the hotel. She also remembered to get the number for Marcia’s office in case something came up.

“Do you know if Alex is supposed to drive or will Jon be needing the limo for where he has to go?”

Marcia assured her that Jon had transportation and after thanking her, Amanda turned to leave the Soul offices. She saw the guard again at the ground floor and gave him a smile and a wave. She exited the building and walked to the limo where Alex already had a door opened for her.

“Guess we’re going to the Hyatt on…” she paused to look at her directions.

“That’s okay, Amanda, I know where Mr. B stays.”

“Good! Because I don’t know this city!” She settled back for the ride to the hotel, still trying to get a good look at the city as they traveled. Arriving at the hotel, Amanda walked to the counter, asking for the key to Room 1809. The clerk looked at the registration for the room and gave a small frown, asking her to wait just one moment. A whispered conference with someone who appeared to be a manager took place and they both returned to stand in front of Amanda.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, but that room is registered to another guest.”

“I know, Mr. Bongiovi or Bon Jovi, not sure how you have it, but that’s the room key I need please. My name is Amanda Matthews.”

Looking again at the registration information, the manager smiled at her.

“Of course, Ms. Matthews, I have a key for you right here.”

She smiled her thanks and a bellhop took her small travel bag for her to the room. She tipped him when they arrived and then took a look around. This was a huge suite where there was a sitting room, a master bedroom, a smaller bedroom, and two bathrooms. Again, the view was spectacular.

Amanda looked at the list of offered guest services and saw they had a full spa and salon. She decided to put into effect her idea of getting a wax done since Jon would be busy for several hours. Calling down, she found out there was an opening in an hour and she quickly unpacked and showered.

Back at the Soul office, Jon remembered something just as he was ready to leave for his meeting. He called his secretary into his office.

“Marcia, do me a favor. Call over to the Hyatt and make sure anything Amanda orders gets put on my card, okay? I don’t want her to know, just instruct the staff to take her information, but charge it to the room, got it?”

“Sure, Jon, I’ll take care of it.”

“Thanks, hon” he tossed out as he left at a fast clip.

Marcia called the Hyatt. “This is Marcia Tipton, Mr. Bon Jovi’s assistant. He has another guest staying with him at the Hyatt and he wanted to make sure that any charges she incurs are charged to the room, not Ms. Matthews’ own credit.” She listened for a few moments. “Yes, I understand what the policy is. All I’m asking is that you take Ms. Matthews information, but put the actual charges against Mr. Bon Jovi’s bill.” After obtaining the name of the person who helped her, Marcia ended the call.

Amanda had just finished a fruit salad she had ordered before jumping in the shower and was ready for her appointment at the salon. She dressed and went to the lobby to make her way to the area of the spa. She discussed various treatments with the staff there and decided on a leg wax, a facial, and a massage. After further consideration, she asked if there was time later to have her hair trimmed and learned a time would be available.

The leg waxing was as painful as she knew it would be, but the massage and facial more than made up for it. She had her hair trimmed afterwards, adding a bit of layering around her face at the hair stylist’s suggestion. She was very pleased with the results. After inquiring about payment, she was informed all services were charged to a guest’s room. She then went to the front desk where she met with a clerk to arrange her own payment. The clerk took her card information at her request, but seemed a bit reluctant to do so. Not having stayed at such a fancy hotel before, Amanda just chalked it up to her paying before actually checking out.

Jon spent a completely frustrating, but ultimately fruitful day, with his business associates. He finished at close to eleven that evening and was driven to the Hyatt by another driver as Alex’s shift had ended. He went to the desk to get his own card key. Taking the elevator and his own bag to the room, he opened the door quietly in case Amanda was asleep. She was sitting in the bed, channel surfing, when the door opened. She turned to him immediately.

“Hey there!”

“Hi, babe. Have a good day?”

“Better than yours, I think. You put in such long days all the time?”

“Yeah, some later than others. Sorry you were by yourself so much, but I really couldn’t avoid it.” He was, he admitted to himself, a little bit expecting Amanda to be put out as he had experienced that so many times in the past. He was more than pleasantly surprised to find that she was genuinely happy to see him and not upset at all that he had been busy.

“Oh, sweetie! You have got to be exhausted. Come with me.” She got off the bed and took his hand, leading him to the bathroom. Making no sexual moves, she simply got the shower running and helped him undress. Dropping her robe, she ushered him into the shower and when he reached for her, she gently pushed his hands away.

“Turn around and put your hands against the wall,” she instructed.

He did so and then had the utterly relaxing sensation of having someone give him a bath. Soaping a washcloth, she started at his neck and worked her way down, washing him, turning him to complete the job, and then turning him back to the wall where she massaged his shoulders and lower back until his legs felt like jelly. She washed his hair then and rinsed both of them off. Getting out of the shower first, she put her robe on and handed him a thick terry cloth robe provided by the hotel. She had thought to ask the hotel staff if Jon had any wine preferences when he stayed and a chilled bottle of one of his favorite whites was on a side table.

Ushering Jon out of the bathroom, she sat him down on the bed and brought him a glass of wine. At first her touch in the shower had awakened his own sexual thoughts, but the effects of the very warm water, her massage, and now the wine seemed to be dragging him down into sleep. They curled together on the bed, both still in their robes, and Jon soon found himself dropping off into a deep sleep. Amanda smiled as that had been her intention all along. She had already set a wake up call for 7:30 and snuggling against him, she fell asleep herself.


  1. Opester Says:

    Aaaawww, that was such a sweet chapter. it was so nice to see how Amanda took care of jon and I'll bet he was really missing that.

  2. Hathor Says:

    That was really sweet - Jon taking care of her costs, and Amanda taking care of his soul. Lovely chapter...

  3. jovikitn65 Says:

    Every once in a while it is nice if the woman takes care of her man like Amanda did with Jon in this chapter. Very sweet chapter.

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