John Francis - Chapter 81

Monday, May 12, 2008 at 9:12 AM
Walking to the Starbucks his thoughts were consumed with her. I can’t stop thinking about her. I can’t concentrate on business and it doesn’t even bother me. Am I moving too fast? She seems to have consumed me and I’ve not only allowed it, but encouraged it. In truth, he couldn’t, no matter how he tried, make her seem to be anything other than what she was – a generous, loving, amazing woman. What the fuck did I do to deserve her? He entered the coffee shop and saw her sitting at a table, coffee in hand.

Smiling at seeing Jon enter the store, she gave a slight shake of her head at how simply amazingly good looking he was. She knew she was a pretty woman, but he was just…unbelievable…and he had chosen her. My god, he's actually beautiful. How can he want someone like me? Every once in a while reality would intrude in her thoughts, but she shook it off and gave Jon a warm, welcoming smile.

“Hey, hon, you finished too?”

He nodded at her and motioned that he was going to the counter to get a coffee. A few minutes later he joined her and they sipped and talked quietly about the rest of the day.

“I hate to admit this after the great breakfast you cooked, but I’m starving!” His voice was slightly tinged with embarrassment.

Laughing, she acknowledged that she too could eat and they left to find a restaurant.

“You up for sushi?” he asked her.

“Sure! Love it…you know a place?”


They walked the street until they came to a small restaurant that if she had been alone she wouldn’t have even noticed. Greeting the staff as they entered, Jon was led to a table near the rear and they both looked at the menus.

“Hon, I gotta tell you, as this is again a place you know, would you do the ordering for us?”

He nodded and got them an amazing variety of different rolls and fried foods, as well as the sauces that went with them. Growing up in Florida, Amanda was used to fresh seafood in all its various forms and she enthusiastically dug in, enjoying the different tastes.

“This is great!” she enthused. “I love fresh seafood – it’s my one addiction!”

“So I guess that means you’re not letting Richie out of his promise to cook you a meal?”

“No way, he owes me…and, so does Tico. He’s such an amazing artist! I would love to see anything he wanted to show me.”

“It’s his other passion, other than music, and he has a real talent for it.”

“That was so apparent, just from the few pieces I saw in his home.”

Chuckling softly, he told her she had surprised the hell out of the three of them with her questions.

“I think you surprised Richie most of all. Most women have heard the rumors about his…well…his equipment…and they all seem to want to know if the stories are true.”

She gaped at him and told him that not only had that question never occurred to her, that even if it did she never would have asked.

“Are you serious, Jon? People are actually bold enough to come right out and ask him such a personal question?”

“Oh yeah, it’s happened so much over the years I think he now expects it to be asked. You shocked the hell out of him when you didn’t.”

“Oh for god’s sake, it’s none of my damn business!” She looked at him more closely. “The other night, after the concert, the women there had their hands all over you. How do you deal with that? I don’t mean that blonde woman, I mean the women there in general. They seemed to feel like they could touch you any way they wanted.”

“I know and unfortunately it’s part of this whole ‘machine’ that’s the rock business. They read things about me, mostly untrue, and see pictures and think that in some way I belong to them.”

Now he looked at her. “Why weren’t you upset with what you saw, that's my question?”

“Because I could see you were still working. It seems there are certain things expected of you because of who you are. Since I am just learning a part of what that means, how could I get upset over what I don’t know about?”

She grinned at him then. “Was I happy that so many women were groping my man? Hell no! But did I understand…then the answer is yes.”

Un-fucking-believable! He mentally shook his head. Sometimes she seems too good to be true. The deeply buried cynic in him stirred awake at that thought and began to argue with the reality of what she presented. He has seen nothing from her to make him doubt anything, but the feelings she aroused in him sometimes overwhelmed him.

They finished their meal and loaded down with all their packages, hailed a cab to take them back to Jon’s apartment. They loaded everything into his car and she made a move to go to the passenger side so she could get in. He stopped her, simply taking her hand in his, and looked at her. His eyes had darkened and there was a longing in them that she could not deny. They moved silently to the elevator and got out on his floor. Jon opened the door and closed it softly behind them. Taking her hand, he led her to the bedroom.

His voice was unsteady as he started to speak. “I need…please Manda…let me…”

Her eyes grew darker at his words and she nodded, feeling herself internally arousing at his nearness. She started to move to his shirt, but his voice was soft as he told her, “Let me…I want…just let me…”

Nodding her agreement, she let him undress her as he lingered over the skin he exposed. Jon felt urgency and languor warring with each other. Slowness won out and he timed his movements to maximize her arousal. He made love to her with his mouth, licked her neck, and then turned his attention to her breasts. They were heavy and full, clearly not a young woman’s breasts, but even more attractive to him for the way they felt in his hands, real globes, not up thrust, but not pendulous, just womanly. She arched against his mouth and hands, responding to his attentions. She felt herself moistening and the ache between her thighs grew stronger.

Jon removed his shirt, but left his pants on, enjoying the feel of his hardness straining against the tight confines of his jeans. Dropping her pants to the floor, he moved his hand over her underwear, feeling the evidence of her growing readiness for him. At his touch she unconsciously thrust herself against his hand, drenching his fingers through her panties. He loved how she responded to him and he wanted to give her such pleasure. Moving to touch the hairs of his chest, she played with his nipples, light teasing touches, and he moaned low in his throat. The straining against his pants he had enjoyed but a few minutes ago now felt too confining and he unzipped his pants, allowing his erection to slip out.

Her eyes moved to the evidence of his need for her and she sucked in a breath. Unbidden her hands sought him out and she cupped him below his shaft and sac, thrusting both up in a motion that brought a hiss from him. She kept her handle circled around him, holding him steady, but not moving. He slipped his hand inside her panties and touched her core. Her hand trembled at his movements and she released him enough to stroke his growing length. Jon looked down at her holding him, his hardness now nearly purple with desire, and he pushed her onto the bed.

She gasped as she fell and saw him lean over her to remove the last of her clothes. He turned his attentions again to her womanly center, seeing and feeling her arousal. He couldn’t take his eyes away from her femaleness and suddenly feeling too exposed, Amanda tried to close her legs and turn from him. He stopped her with a gentle touch.

“I love this…how you look…what happens to you when I touch you…how wet you get…”

He raised his eyes to hers.

“Let me see you, Manda, let me see…I want to see this…I need to see this…”

His words brought a further fire to her loins as she slowly allowed him to move her legs apart. He slipped his fingers inside her, watching as they entered, feeling her clench against his invasion. She was so moist he knew he could slide in with ease when he chose, but right now he wanted to watch his fingers inside her. He used his other hand to touch what would elicit her most intense response and was rewarded within a few moments as she clamped down hard on his fingers, moaning at her orgasm, the excitement enhanced by the fact that he was watching her so closely.

He continued his gentle movements, slowing as her spasms eased, then brought one of his hands to himself. She opened her eyes as she recovered from her pleasure and was met with the sight of him firmly stroking himself in preparation to enter her. She actually whimpered now as she watched him, fascinated with the movements, the sight of him growing even harder, and completely spellbound now, she opened for him, urging him inside.

Jon continued his self-pleasure for a few more moments, watching her eyes dilate in anticipation. He moved himself between her legs, spreading her almost wide enough to hurt as he positioned himself at her opening. Gasps were all he heard as he touched her almost delicately and then he plunged, driving himself into her to the hilt. He had drawn this out as long as he could, but now need overrode gentleness and he thrust into her. She felt the other part of his sex hitting against her and the added feel of that had her thrusting up against him, again seeking release.

Sweat soaked their bodies as they moved against each other. She reached up with her mouth, taking in one of his nipples, licking and sucking, and he grabbed her thighs and threw his head back as the orgasm slammed through him. He drove into her over and over and felt her follow him with her own release. His arms trembled and she was shaking all over. Allowing himself to lower his weight onto her body, she trembled against him, their sweat soaked skin sticking to each other. Both were breathing in ragged gasps as they held each other. She loved when he did this, allowing himself to remain in her until the last possible moment. He loved that she wanted him to stay as long as he could.

Finally slipping free of her warmth, he turned and gathered her into his arms. Her breath still uneven, she lay against his moist chest, her hair damp with sweat, as they were still lightly rocked by the spasms that had overwhelmed them a few minutes ago. As so often seemed to happen with them, there were no words needed, no wish to do anything than feel the other. The contentment that seemed to fill them after their lovemaking seemed to grow every time they came together. It seemed so overpowering that words were inadequate. Sighing deeply, they both slept.


Waking a few hours later they pulled back from their positions and looked at each other. Amanda was feeling in serious trouble with how much she was in love with him. He had become her life now and it was scaring the hell out of her.

“Jon…I…you and I…it’s…” she couldn’t finish as she didn’t really know how to say what had happened to her.

“I know, Manda, my god, I know…us together…”

“It’s not just the sex, Jon…” she managed to get out.

“No, baby, it’s not just the sex…it’s so much more…how the hell did we…so goddam lucky…”

His thoughts also were not quite clear, but she was right. It wasn’t just the sex. It was them, together, they way they fit.

She tried again. “I’m actually scared, Jon, I beginning to feel like I don’t have a life without you…”

She cocked her head at him, trying to downplay the intensity of her emotions a little to regain some control. “Ready to run like hell yet?”

Jon looked at her with eyes that were blazing.

“Manda, this is it for me. You’re it. The only place I’m running is closer to you.”

Her eyes remained a bit guarded, however, and he spoke what his heart told him to.

“Actually, baby, I’m a little scared too. All this is a bit…overwhelming.”

“Yeah, that’s the understatement of the year…”

He flashed his smile at her then and kissed her. They moved to the shower and prepared to go home.


  1. Lori Says:

    Another great chapter! Wonderful bedroom scene too!

  2. Opester Says:

    Just a question I'm curious about? Why does Amanda have Jon order her food so often? I realize she's not familiar with the restaurant, but she appears to be familiar with sushi, so why not order herself? Just curious, but it has been bugging me a bit.

    Great dialog where they shared their feelings and fears as the relationship grows and their feelings become more powerful. It seems like a natural reaction and I like how they were able to deal with it by sharing it, rather than acting out on the basis of those feelings. As I've said before, I really enjoy the fact that the characters are both mature adults who have enough previous life experience not to act impulsivley (usually) and handle things in an intelligent way.

  3. Sunstreaked Says:

    Hey Opester! I have Amanda doing this for two reasons: One because she figures these are restaurants where Jon does know the "best" items and also as a way to get to know more about Jon, his likes and dislikes. LOL! She does order her own food soon, but it just was a way for her to learn more about him!

  4. jovikitn65 Says:

    The intimacy these two share is overwhelming at times. The fact that they both didn't expect or even look for love is just amazing in itself. Keep up the great work.

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