John Francis - Chapter 71

Thursday, May 8, 2008 at 8:37 PM
Sitting in the back of the car on the way to Jon’s, Amanda noticed the two men in front kept exchanging glances at each other and then slight shakes of their heads. Finally having enough of that nonsense, she spoke up.

“Listen, you two. I know you know her SO much better than me, but it was a good talk and I can understand her wanting to know who will be around your kids. I think she was amazingly gracious considering the circumstances and…” she poked them both in the shoulders,”…that’s the LAST I’m gonna say about it!”

Shaking their heads again at Amanda’s penchant for poking whenever she felt like it, they both agreed to let it lay. Stopping at a key shop on the way back, Jon went in and had a key made for Amanda. He handed it to her without flourish or embellishment.

“Sorry I didn’t do this before, babe.”

“No problem…and thank you.”

They returned to Jon’s home with Richie on his cell talking to his mom about where he was last night. Amanda found it rather endearing that Richie at his age was still giving explanations to his mother and then laughed when she realized she did the same. After hanging up, Jon took the opportunity to tell her he had spoken with her mother and made arrangements for her to fly in on the 24th.

“Oh! Thank you so much! I know mom will love seeing snow again…” then she looked around. “Do you think there will be snow?”

“We’ll check out the forecast, but I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Looking at his watch, Richie asked Jon to drop him at his mother’s as he needed to shower and get ready for the party tonight. Mrs. Sambora was as welcoming as the first time when they arrived and included Amanda in her hugs this time. Jon called to Rich as they were leaving.

“Hey, man, we’ll pick you up in the limo at 8, okay?”

Richie nodded as his mother was talking to him a mile a minute as they were leaving. Laughing, Amanda remarked that Richie was just a big kid in general, but his mom really had him wrapped around her finger.

Agreeing with her, Jon remarked, “Wait until you meet my mother!”

Silent for a moment, Amanda nodded, then said, “Guess that’s only fair, I dragged you, or rather YOU dragged you to meet mine!”


Upon entering Jon’s house, they smelled something delicious cooking and their noses led them directly to the kitchen.

“Oh my gosh, Linda! What are you cooking?” Amanda could not believe how good whatever it was smelled.

Smiling herself, Linda let them know it was one of Jon’s favorite Italian dishes as they needed to eat before they went out that night.

Shooing them out of her kitchen, she told them to go start getting ready for the party or take a nap or do something, just get the heck outta her kitchen. Like two guilty school children, they smiled and left. They moved off into the living room where Jon opened a bottle of wine and they sat sipping a delicious white, relaxing before the big evening. Thinking again about what Tico had said about no one knowing Amanda was his now, he decided he wanted to bring the subject out before the party where there was bound to be a slew of press.

“Babe?” he began, “I need to talk to you about a few things.”

She turned to him with a smile and nodded.

“There are going to be press at this party tonight and I intend to be a little more open with them than I had been before.”

Looking puzzled, she asked him, “What does that mean?”

“It means that I’m going to let them know that you are my girlfriend and that we are exclusively seeing each other.” He looked at her, cocking his head. “That okay with you?”

“I…whew…yes, it’s okay, because that’s what we are.” She threw him a sly grin. “Is that gonna keep the bimbo’s away, Bongiovi?”

“Aw shit, Manda, I feel really bad about that. I was an ass, okay? An idiot, a moron, a…” he trailed off as she broke in.

“You were thinking with your dick, right?”

He gaped at her, but then grinned. “Yeah…actually I still am, but this time my heart is leading.”

She laughed with him this time, glad he took her kidding for what it was.

“What are you intending to tell people?”

“Well, first I’m going to see what they ask. They tend to have the ability to dig a little further than you might at first guess and someone is bound to have found out your last name by now. Figured I see where the questions went and then respond from there.”

“Do you want me to say or not say anything?”

He took a deep breath as this was a little bit of a touchy subject. “The only thing I have always tried to do is keep my kids out of things, so that’s about the only off limits subject, okay?”

She shook her head at him. “Of course that’s okay. I would NEVER dream of bringing your children into anything. Truthfully, I intend to say as little as possible because I know statements get taken out of context”…she grinned at him then… “isn’t that true, Mr. ‘Hung-like-a-second-grader’?”

Throwing back his head he laughed so hard he almost spilled his wine. “You have no idea how much I regret that statement…Jesus! It got repeated everywhere!”

“Well, if they need a denial…” her grin was wicked.

“Don’t you DARE!” he growled at her.

“Not a blessed word, I promise!”


Linda called them to come eat a short time later and it was a close call who made it to the kitchen first. Amanda tasted a little bit of heaven and Jon simply didn’t talk at all, he inhaled. Between murmurs of ‘oh my god’ and ‘mmmm’ they managed to fill their bellies and make Linda a very happy cook. Pushing her plate away finally, Amanda said she felt like as full as a tick and couldn’t eat another bite. Jon had already had seconds and was contemplating thirds, but realized he also was so full he might explode. Thanking Linda for the amazing meal, they made their way upstairs where Jon set an alarm for 6:00 and they both fell almost instantly asleep for the next hour.

The alarm clock woke them and they lay there for a few minutes, waking up from such a deep sleep.

Stretching, Amanda yawned. “I needed that nap, especially after that amazing meal. My God, Jon, that woman can cook!”

“I know, I think if I lived here full time I would be as big as a blimp! Hey, that reminds me, you need to sign those passport papers so we can get that moving along. Sometimes I need to make trips out of the country pretty quickly and I don’t want to leave you behind. My assistant sent them over, so we’ll do that tomorrow, okay?”

“Sure, I don’t want to be left behind either!”

Rolling and stretching himself, Jon groaned. “Okay, time to hit the shower. You or me first?”

Making herself get up, Amanda pointed to herself. “I’m a girl. I have more things to do.”

“Thank God!” was his reply. “I don’t think I can move yet!”


Promptly at 7:15, the limo was there to pick up Jon and Amanda. He was wearing his usual black pants, with a white shirt, and black dress jacket. She had on a deep purple empire waist dress with black strap sandals and silver jewelry. She had left her hair loose at his request. He had left a bit of facial stubble at hers. Her small black clutch held the basic necessities, as well as her cell phone and her new house key.

The driver held the door for them as they entered and they traveled the half hour distance to Richie’s house. He came out at Jon’s cell call and Amanda thought he looked quite handsome. He also had black pants on, with a maroon shirt that somehow managed to be buttoned low and still look great, along with a black jacket. He got into the limo with a bit of a sigh.

“Geez, I love my ma’, but she could not stop asking me questions about you two! I finally had to plead exhaustion and take a nap to get some peace!”

Laughing, Jon told him about Linda’s late lunch for them and their nap from too full bellies.

“Damn! I knew I should have stayed there! I love that dish!”


  1. The whole "second grader" exchange was hysterical. I think she should do it * insert evil laugh here *

  2. jovikitn65 Says:

    Aww Richie just wait until you meet someone, then you won't be able to hide from your mom.

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