John Francis - Chapter 59

Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 9:48 AM
Arriving at the stadium at 2:45 that afternoon, Amanda made sure she had her cell phone with her as she was not about to have a repeat of the previous day. Meanwhile, Jon had arranged a special pass for her that would allow her to move around without question. He has also set up another one of the guys to keep an eye out for her. He didn’t want her to feel smothered, but he knew how hectic it could get behind the scenes.

As they entered the stadium Amanda was thankful that the weather was cold for her as it enabled her to wear a turtle neck sweater. She was a mass of bruises, bites, and hickies and although she loved each one, she did not want to hear it from the boys. Unfortunately, not much escaped the attention of Richie Sambora and he noticed almost immediately that neither Amanda nor Jon was walking quite right. In particular, he saw a slight wince on Amanda’s face every time she sat down. Fetching a cushion from a chair in one of the dressing rooms, he brought it to her where she sat on a hard folding chair.

Amanda looked up at the cushion that was practically shoved in her face and just knew who was behind it, even though the cushion hid the face. She shook her head.

“You really can’t help it, can you?”

Grinning wickedly at her, he raised her under her arms, put the cushion on the chair and sat her down again gently.

Hissing at him, even though the cushion felt good, she said, “Richie, everyone will know!”

His grin was even wider now as he smirked at her. “Honey, everyone already knows!”

Glancing around she saw grins thrown her way from the other guys as they remembered her inebriated condition the night before and the evidence of the outcome today.

“You don’t remember what you said at dinner last night, do you?”

She turned wide eyes to him. “What did I say?”

“Well, when Jon said he was going to take you home, you said ‘oh no, he’s just going to take me to bed, or the table, or the floor, or the shower…and that was about the time Jon put his hand over your mouth!”

Looking at him with dismay and embarrassment, she whispered, “Oh God! Please tell me you’re teasing me? I didn’t say that in front of everyone, did I?”

Nodding at her, he said she did, but not to worry, everyone was really happy for her and Jon. He kissed her cheek, then left to go work the sound check.

Her face still flaming red, she asked one of the people backstage where she could go have a few minutes to herself. She was shown to Jon’s dressing room where she went to the bathroom to put a cold rag on her face to try to hide the blushes. Knowing everyone was at the sound check, she removed her sweater to look at some of the marks she had. There was a huge purple mouth-shaped hickie above her right breast, another on the left side of her neck, and opening her jeans a little she saw another large one above her panties.

The door opening suddenly startled her into turning around. Richie stood in the doorway, his eyes immediately going to the marks on her body. He came into the room as she turned away from him, not realizing he could still see her in the mirror. She hurried to reach for her sweater, putting it in front of her. She kept her back to him, but felt him put his hands on her shoulders.

His spoke so softly. “Manda…you really okay, baby?”

She nodded yes, shy about what had happened.

The door opened again and suddenly Jon was there. His eyes took in the scene in front of him and a growl emerged.

“What the fuck?”

Richie held his hands up in a conciliatory gesture as Amanda hurried to put her sweater on.

“I’m sorry, Jon, I asked someone where I could go to be alone for a few minutes and Richie didn’t know I was in here. I was just looking at…at…well, and then the door opened and he just wanted to know if I was okay.”

Jon’s voice softened a little. “And what did you tell him?”

Her smile was warm and intimate. “That I am definitely okay.”

His eyes softened then towards her and he moved into the room. Richie gave him a look that Jon knew was a what the fuck did you do to her? look. He grinned a little abashedly, but asked Richie for a moment with Amanda.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, baby.”

“It’s a good hurt, Jon, not a bad one. I…well…I like that you marked me.” Her admission of this was almost whispered.

His response was equally soft. “I needed to, I don’t know why, but I just had to do it.”

“I don’t understand it either, but last night was more…intense than I’ve ever felt. It was wild and fierce and every ache today reminds me of it.”

He pulled him to her and laughed in her ear. “Wait until you see me after the show. I’m gonna need a wheelchair to get into the house!”

“Poor baby! Oh, that reminds me, can I watch the show from the front? Please? You know I’ve never been and I want to see what the audience sees. Is that possible?”

In his Godfather voice, Jon responded, “I knows dis guy…” and then he kissed her and went to finish the sound check.


  1. Opester Says:

    Whoa! That was a close call! Glad it ended up okay and that Jon didn't rush to conclusions. Poor Amanda, though-how embarrassing, but that pain the next day is such a welcome reminder ...

  2. jovikitn65 Says:

    I see a bit of jealousy popped out of Jon. Seriously Jon you have no reason to be jealous where Richie is concerned, he loves you so stop.

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