John Francis - Chapter 84

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 7:49 AM
Amanda helped her mother settle in and then they went to the kitchen. Since her coffee drinking addiction came from her mother, she quickly put a pot on as they were talking. Jennifer watched Amanda’s comfort in moving around what was obviously the heart of Jon’s home. She set out creamer and sugar, chatting the whole while about what they had been doing. She talked about seeing Jon in concert for the first time.

“Mom, I think I was actually stunned. I mean I couldn’t grasp that he was with me. You should see him work the crowds at the stadium. They adore him and he’s electrifying.”

“You always knew who he was though, I mean I wouldn’t have thought it was such a difference from seeing him on TV.” Jennifer asked, a question in her tone.

Shaking her head ‘no’, Amanda relayed just how different it was from seeing him and the band on TV.

“There’s no comparison, mom. My god, it was palpable in the air, the excitement, the sheer force of him on stage. I think there were moments when I couldn’t breathe! Thank god for Richie!” She laughed, relaying that story to her mother.

“He seems to have become a good friend to you.” Jennifer prompted.

“Oh yeah! He sure is. I really like him a lot. He’s so much fun to have around and he and Jon are so close to each other. You would think they actually were brothers!” Amanda rambled a bit more until they were actually sitting down with their coffee.

Jennifer took a sip, smiled appreciatively, and then turned to her only child.

“How are you doing sweetheart?”

“I’m really good, mom. How about you?”

“Well, I’ve missed you a bit, I must admit, but I can understand. You do still have that cell phone of yours, right?” Her mother responded, teasing gently.

“Yeah, mom, of course I do. It’s been a little busy…Jon’s life is pretty hectic and let me tell you, that’s taking some getting used to.”

Taking a good long look at her daughter, Jennifer smiled. “You look really wonderful, baby. It’s so good to see the life back in your eyes again.”

Looking at the floor for a moment, she gave a sigh, and then turned to her mother.

“Mom, I never thought I would find love again, but I did. I don’t know where this is going, but I really love him.”

“You don’t think I saw that the day you two came to my house? You think your momma got stupid all of a sudden?”

Laughing and hugging her mother, Amanda said. “No, you’ve always been the brightest crayon in the box!”

“Can you believe tomorrow’s Christmas? Okay, my love, where’s the snow I was promised?” Jennifer had a twinkle in her eye.

“I’m working on it, ma, I’m working on it.”

It was close to six when Jon returned to his house. He could hear Amanda and her mother in the kitchen and walked in to join them. He kissed Amanda softly and then gave her mom a kiss on the cheek.

“All settled in?”

“Yes, the room is beautiful, Jon, thank you!”

“My pleasure. So what would you ladies like to do this evening?”

“I thought I would get some dinner together in an hour or so and then we could wrap presents.”

“Sounds great. I’ll dig out the wrapping paper and then give you a hand with dinner.”

Turning laughing eyes to him, Amanda said, “Jon, you can’t cook. Actually, your grilling is even in question.”

“Hey! I was distracted! I’m a guy, I can grill. It’s in the genes!”

“I’ll give Amanda a hand, Jon, just get that wrapping paper ready!”

Bowing at the waist, realizing he was outnumbered, he left to do as he was told.

Dinner that night was full of talk between the three, with both Jon and Jennifer learning more about each other. As Amanda was cleaning up, Jennifer excused herself for a moment and motioned to Jon to come with her. He led her into his office so they could have a bit of privacy and he mentally prepared himself for her questions.

She started. “So…my daughter is too old for me to ask your intentions, but I would like to have an idea of what’s on your mind towards her. I did check some things out about you, Jon, I’ll be honest about that. It’s hard to tell what’s true and what’s not true, so I’d like to hear it straight from you.”

Jon was as honest as he could be with Amanda’s mother, telling her that he had fallen pretty hard after his divorce and had done some things he wasn’t proud of. He also told her that he really did love Amanda and, although he knew it was quick, it was also true and not going to change.

Cutting straight to the chase, Jennifer confronted him. “You cheated on your wife.”

Taken aback at her directness, Jon had the good grace to blush. “Yes I did.”

“Why should I believe you won’t do the same with Amanda?”

“Jennifer…Mrs. Adams…I can only tell you the same thing I told Amanda. I learned from my mistakes. I never thought I would love someone again and I’m not a stupid man. I’m not going to mess this up. There’s really nothing I can do to prove that, except give you my word.”

Jennifer looked hard at him for a few moments, letting what he said sink in. “I guess I’ll have to learn to trust you the same way she seems to be doing.” Smiling at him now, she nodded. “I think that’s quite enough of the third degree, don’t you?”

Sighing with relief, Jon gave a crooked grin. “Whew! I sure do!”

They walked out of the room and back into the kitchen where the table was now ready for gift wrapping.

Amanda knew they had been talking about her, but she was not about to put Jon or her mother on the spot by making them repeat themselves. She would just talk to Jon later.

With the three of them working, it wasn’t long before there was quite a substantial pile of presents wrapped and labeled. Jon wrapped his for her when she used the restroom and she did the same a little later when he also asked to be excused. Bagging the gifts for the kids that Jon had bought for them to take with him the next morning, they moved into the living room where a fire had been started. Sipping glasses of wine they watched the fire, enjoying the fact that it was Christmas Eve. Moving to close the drapes, Jon suddenly called out to them.

“Hey! It’s snowing!”

They all went outside then to feel the soft flakes falling, both women catching a few on their tongues. The evening ended with hugs and kisses and wishes for the holiday.

Amanda turned to Jon as they entered the bedroom. “So, what happened today with Maryann?”

Shaking his head a bit, still experiencing a bit of disbelief, Jon told her that Maryann thought they had a relationship because he would talk to her and smile at her.

“I think it’s over, but with someone who sees ‘hello’, ‘thanks’, and ‘have a nice night’ as a relationship, well…I can get restraining orders if I need to, but I’m hoping it won’t come to that.”

“She seemed very intense in her feelings that night, Jon. You may need those orders.”

He nodded at her, running his hands through his hair. “I hope she just moves on.”


Christmas morning came early for Jon as his alarm had been set for 4:00 AM. He knew from long-standing habit that his kids would be up and ready for ‘Santa’ no later than seven and he wanted to spend the morning first with Amanda. She stirred when the alarm went off, curling into him.

“Merry Christmas” she whispered.

“Merry Christmas, love” he answered.

“What time is it?” she squinted at the clock.



“I’m sorry, baby, I wanted to spend some time with you first this morning. You mad?” His tone was a little wary and a good bit weary.

“I’m so glad…I was hoping you would wake me before you left, but I didn’t know it would be soon enough to have some time together.”

Both made trips to the bathroom and then returned to the warmth of the bed. Their lovemaking that morning had a gentleness to it that turned their senses into a bonfire. Jon entered her and made slow, passionate love to her, prolonging his release until she had experienced her own pleasures several times. He finally allowed himself to fall into the abyss with her and shuddered as she held him, stroking his back and hair. They were quiet in deference to having Amanda’s mother in the house, but their passion was no less for the suppression of their cries. It was now 5:30 and they both showered and Amanda left Jon to dress while she put on some coffee for them.

They sat there with coffees until a little after six, at which time Jon reluctantly announced he needed to put his gifts in the car and head over to Dot’s. Amanda gave him a hand and when he turned to kiss her good-bye she gave him a huge smile and twinkling eyes.

“You go and enjoy every single second with your family! I know how precious that is, so don’t you dare waste one moment, got it?” Unbelievable, was the thought that came immediately to his mind. She really means it! He kissed her even harder and told her he would call her as soon as he could.

Again, her huge smile, “Bye baby.”

Getting into his car, Jon found himself driving away, shaking his head.

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  1. Opester Says:

    I loved Amanda and her mom and how they talked-you could see they were close, but that Jennifer respects Amanda as an adult . I also liked how she wants the best for her and appreciates the life that Jon has breathed into her again.
    “Hey! I was distracted! I’m a guy, I can grill. It’s in the genes!” I loved this line-poor Jon! They got your number, babe!
    I think Jon's assuming Maryann will go away is a bit of denial on his part. I agree with Amanda-he needs to see this far more seriously given the nature of her actions already. he may just be the target next time!

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