John Francis - Chapter 80

Sunday, May 11, 2008 at 8:17 PM
“I think the coffee’s cold now, honey” she softly purred into his ear.

“Yeah, like I care. Think you can make waking me up like that a habit?”

She grinned at him, arching an eyebrow. “I do believe I could at least make it a surprise at times.”

Pulling her up, he led her to the shower where they played as they washed. Downstairs Amanda put on fresh coffee and they sat discussing the next few days. She wagged a finger at Jon.

“Do NOT put any pressure on Dot to have mom and me come over there Christmas day…understand? She’ll be here on the 26th also and that would be fine too.”

For a second Jon felt irritation rise that she would dictate terms to him regarding his family, but then he again heard Richie’s words about letting her in. He smiled at her then and taking a different tack, he answered her.

“I won’t…and thanks for making me remember the right way to do things.”

“Jon, there are going to be so many areas where I have no say over what you do and I wouldn’t expect to, but when there are things that concern me, I will give my opinion…you gonna be okay with that?” Her head was tilted as she looked at him quizzically.

He was quiet for a few minutes and she let him have the time to think, refilling their coffees as he did so.

He started to try and give her an idea of what he was thinking. “Richie said something to me about being a controlling asshole…” he gave a guilty grin then, “…and he’s probably right. But I’m at a different place in my life and I also think he’s right about me having to make some changes.”

“This is all different to me too…there’s nothing in my life that could have prepared me to be a part of yours, so you won’t be the only one making changes.”

Leaning over to kiss her, he whispered against her mouth, “…just so we make the changes together…”

She kissed him back. “Deal!”


While making them some breakfast, Amanda brought up that she needed to go shopping.

“It’s only two days til Christmas and I don’t have anything for anyone. Is there a car I can borrow and some directions to a mall?”

“I have some things to finish up too, so why don’t we go after breakfast?”

They hurried through their meal and dressed for cold weather as there was a change from the night before. Leaving the house, taking another coffee to go, they left Jon’s.

“Where is there a mall around here?”

“We’re going to the city again.”

“I don’t think I can get used to having New York City within driving distance!”

“You will, it’s just there. Didn’t you ever go to Miami? It’s further than New York.”

“Sure, but I didn’t go shopping down there, just the zoo, museums, that type of thing.”

“Well, if you want to shop, the city is the place.”

She gave him a very stern look. “Okay, the city it is…BUT no stopping at your apartment first. I couldn’t think for the rest of that day and I only have this one day to get everything done!”

He gave her that smile, the one that made the ever-present fire inside her flare. “But baby, I thought you liked my apartment!”

She blushed, rolled her eyes, and turned her head, laughing softly. He felt a secret delight inside that he could cause that reaction in her.

They parked at his apartment garage and she gave him wide questioning eyes.

“I have parking here, babe, that’s it…” but his grin remained rather wolfish.

They grabbed a cab and Jon directed the driver to take them to a certain street where they would be pretty much assured of finding what they needed. She told him her ideas for his kids, Dot and Eric, Linda, and his parents. He agreed they were all good ideas and they quickly found the stores that could provide what they needed. He took care of gifts from her to his brothers as he knew she would have no idea.

She wanted to get Richie some shirts that she thought he would look good in and they also managed to find those. In one store she found some unique gardening items for her mother and in another a beautiful robe and bed set. She was very pleased with everything, but still crazy because she didn’t know what to get for Jon.

She knew she had the necklace she had bought in Philly, but it just seemed so little. Excusing herself to use a restroom, she called Richie.

“Hey babe! Good timing, I just got in a few minutes ago and I’m in the limo. What’s up with my favorite girl?”

“Hi honey! I was hoping you might have some idea about what to get Jon. He’s with me so I’m going to have to be very sneaky.”

“I usually get him some of his favorite wines or something along those lines, but that’s between friends, not lovers, so…”

She had an idea then and told Richie what it was. He agreed that it would be just right and they exchanged Christmas wishes toward the other and promised to talk soon. She left the bathroom and met up again with Jon.

Looking at him she told him that she wanted an hour to herself to finish her shopping and he was to make himself scarce after getting her to the right area. He cocked an eyebrow at her, but since he also wanted some time, he agreed. They went to an area where there were jewelry stores and more exclusive shops and agreed to meet at a Starbucks on the street in an hour. She squeezed his hand and started to leave, when he pulled her to him in the middle of the sidewalk and kissed her hard. With a slightly dazed look in her eyes, she moved off, shaking her head.

Entering a jewelry shop, she found a very masculine platinum bracelet that could be engraved. Assured that this could be done while she waited, she told the jeweler what she wanted put on the bracelet and completed her purchase within 45 minutes. She was spending way more than she ever did, but it was worth it.

Leaving the store, she arrived at the coffee shop a few minutes before he did. She took a booth and waited, mentally reviewing her Christmas shopping list. She had picked up something for Tico, Hugh, and David, although for the latter two they were more generic gifts as she did not know them very well. She had found an eclectic scroll drawing for Tico that she thought he would appreciate. She knew she would be seeing him at some point soon and wanted to have a gift. She had gotten gift certificates for the other two men.

Jon meanwhile was doing some shopping of his own. He knew he couldn’t rush things with Amanda, although shouting it to the world was his first thought. He was really trying to listen to Richie and not push her too hard. He found her a diamond tennis bracelet, earrings, and a choker-style necklace that matched the bracelet. In truth he wanted to shower her with the entire store, but he knew she would not only think that was too much, but he liked how she thought about him and didn’t want to force feed her the fact that he was a multi-millionaire.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, Sun! I decided to leave you a comment cause you said it means so much to you. I really enjoy your story, I like the way it develops and your version of the boys. 80 chapters into the storyline and not a thing too boring, so keep them coming! Some constructive criticism....sometimes it feels you get a little lost in details. (((JoviHugs)))


  2. Romaine Says:

    Hey, I wanted to thank you for this amazing story! I sooo love it. I check back everyday to see if there's something new. I hope there are a lot more chapters to come!!!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    I just love your story. I'm really exicited how it will go on. How will the kids react? And Maryann?

  4. Lori Says:

    I love your story! And I love how quickly you put the chapters up. I think the new "twist" with Maryann is fabulous. Anxious to see where it goes from here.

  5. Sunstreaked Says:

    Wow! Thanks everybody! Yes, it means SO much to get some feedback from the people who spend their valuable time reading. I'm trying so hard to write a story, not just a sex story with some dialogue, so Arwen I understand a bit about the details thing, but to me it has to be more than just they went to dinner and had sex, they saw a movie and had sex, etc. So, please bear with me with all the details and I will watch a bit on my end! By the way, that was GREAT constructive criticism!

    Thanks to all who are reading and leaving comments. It means SO much to all of us who write.

    Hugs to all my Jovi sisters!

  6. Opester Says:

    I'm wondering what Amanda had engraved on the bracelet-not even a hint? You're so mean, LOL!

  7. Hahahaha I was wondering that, too!

  8. jovikitn65 Says:

    Ok I need to know what Amanda had engraved on the bracelet. Jon instead of showering Amanda with jewelry why don't you try just showering her with your love. I know I would cherish that more than any piece of jewelry my husband bought for me.

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