John Francis - Chapter 51

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 2:27 PM
Jon’s phone vibrated with a text message in the middle of his meeting and he looked at the phone with irritation. He hated being interrupted, especially as he wanted to end this meeting quickly to get back to Amanda.

He opened his phone and read:

[10:45am] *Hey asshole! Lose your girl again?*

The message was from Richie and under the table he sent a message back.

[10:46am] *What the fuck u talking about? She’s sightseeing*.

Again came a text:

[10:47am] *So that means u know how to reach her?*

That stopped Jon cold. Fuck! He didn’t have her cell number? How could he not have her cell number?

[10:49am] *Ok M-Fkr what is number?*

[10:50am] *LMAO u snooze u lose!*

[10:51am] *get Will ready, u r dead!*

Jon waited and waited, but no text came back with Amanda’s number. After ten minutes of increasing impatience and apparent inattention, he excused himself for a few moments. Practically jogging from the meeting room to his office, he called Richie.

“Sambora’s Lost and Found, how can we help you?”

Despite himself, Jon laughed. “Listen, asshole, give me the fucking number!”

Putting on a bad Chinese accident, Richie responded: “So sorry, this number no ronger avairable. Stupid fuck forgot to get it!”

Groaning now, Jon growled into the phone. “Sambora, give me the number…please?”

Seriously laughing now, Richie spoke with glee. “Ah, the magic word!” Finally relenting, he gave Jon the number.

Grumbling now that he had gotten what he wanted, he muttered ‘asshole’ and hung up his cell. Deciding to call and check on Amanda’s progress, as well as give her a quick update on the timing of his meeting, he called the number.

“Charlie’s New York Style Pizza. May I help you?”

Looking at his cell phone then putting it back to his ear, Jon repeated the number to the man to be sure he had dialed correctly. He had. He hung up and immediately called Richie. No answer. He called again. Still no answer. He was ready to throw the phone across the room when a text came in.

[11:03am] *Who is asshole now?*

Acknowledging Richie had won this round, he sent the ‘I give up message’.

[11:04am] *Me = asshole, number now?*

A number appeared in his text messages and still not trusting Richie at this point, he dialed from his office phone.

“Hello?” It was Amanda.

“Hey honey, how’s it going?”

He heard laughter then. “Richie called you, didn’t he? I had to admit I had no way to reach you and I was too embarrassed to ask the limo driver. Damn that man! Had to listen to at least five minutes of his laughing his head off at me!”

“Yeah, same here. I’m getting you a bigger wooden spoon! Hey, we should be done around two. Want to grab a late lunch?”

“Sure, Alex said to call him when I was ready to leave. You do realize don’t you Bongiovi that I have the cell number for a man I met for less than 15 minutes, but I didn’t have yours, right?”

“I know, I feel like an idiot and Richie is never gonna let me live this down.”

She laughed then at just how bad Richie could be. “I’ll see you back there at two, okay?”

“Sounds good, babe, love you.”

“Love you too, Jon.”

Jon made sure his phone was closed and then groaned. Richie was going to make this so bad, he just knew it. Shaking his head, he returned to his meeting.

Amanda continued sightseeing, but in truth she really wanted to get something for Jon. What do you get a man who has everything? She stopped in a sort of New Age store and looking around saw some necklaces. They were on a black cord and there was one that had two hearts intertwined, one silver and one gold. It wasn’t too delicate for a man and she couldn’t resist. She bought it and had it boxed and wrapped.

Continuing on, she stopped at a sidewalk café to have a coffee. Sitting and enjoying the day, she thought about how much had happened in so short a time. For so long she had over-analyzed everything in her life and she was not going to do that now. She was just going to enjoy herself. Checking the time she realized it was 1:30 and she called Alex. He was there within 5 minutes and she was back at the Soul offices at 1:55. She entered the main area, but was stopped by a security guard that had not been on duty earlier when she arrived with Jon.

“Excuse me, ma’am, can I help you?”

“Hi, yes, I’m supposed to meet Jon in his office at two.”

The man cast her a rather dubious look. Women were always trying to get in to see Jon and part of his job was to weed out the ones who didn’t belong. He called up to Marcia and told her a woman was here to see Jon. Marcia told him to ask her name and when he did and she replied ‘Amanda’, Marcia immediately told him to let her up as she was Mr. B’s girlfriend. Opening the security gate, he apologized, but she smiled graciously at him and said she completely understood, he was just doing his job.

Marcia also tried to apologize for the guard when Amanda arrived at the office, but again Amanda smiled and told her not to worry about it in the slightest, the man was doing his job.

“Really, Marcia, it was nothing. Please don’t make anything out of it, okay?”

Marcia gave her a warm smile then, deciding she liked this girlfriend of her boss.

Jon came in then, his hair a bit ragged as he had obviously been running his hands through it. He had a distracted look and started barking out instructions to Marcia, who had a steno pad at the ready as she knew Jon. Amanda remained quiet while Jon finished with Marcia. He gave a rolling motion of his shoulders to relax them and then turned to give Amanda a smile. She saw the smile didn’t quite reach his eyes though. She waited to see what he would say.

Sighing deeply, he looked at her. “Manda, I’m sorry, I can’t take you to lunch. A bunch of shit has come up and…fuck…always happens, gotta go see some people and smooth things over.”

“It’s okay, honey. I know you said we were staying here tonight. Would it help if I went and checked us in so you could just come there when you were ready? Oh, you have to tell me where we’re staying though.”

“Marcia already took care of that, but if you wanted to go to the hotel for a bit while I deal with this crap that would probably be a good idea.”

“No problem. At least now we know how to get in touch with each other.” Her wide grin actually made him give her a full smile.

“Can’t believe we actually did that…you know Richie’s gonna be unbearable, right?”

“Oh, yeah, I can hear it now, but I’m sure the real thing will be worse.”

The office phone rang then and Jon answered. “Hey…yeah, I heard…I’ll be there in an hour…well fuck, how was I supposed to know? Look, just keep them there, I’m on my way.” He hung up the phone a little louder than normal.

Amanda knew he needed to get going, so moving to the door she just said, “I’ll see you when you’re free, okay?”

Jon crossed the office in a few quick steps. “Where do you think you’re going?” His growl was deep as he gathered her in his arms. He pulled her tight to him, kissing her with a pent up passion that seemed always under the surface for them. “Thanks, baby, for being so sweet about this.”

“No thanks needed.” She gave him a wolfish grin. “You’ll just pay later.”


“Oh yeah, I promise!”

Smacking her on the ass, he gently shoved her towards the door. “Get outta here before I get caught with you on top of my desk!”

***Thanks and credit to Tara Leigh in her “Home” story for a way to do text messages!


  1. Opester Says:

    I love this chapter! I think it's my favorite so far! Richie's quirky sense of humor just kills me-I spilled my coffee all over myself laughing so hard! Really great chapter-the dialog was fantastic!

  2. Hathor Says:

    I suppose since they've been joined at the crotch for the last ten days, they didn't need to exchange numbers, but that was hysterical. LOVE Richie's humor. The pizzeria was so frickin funny... Great job.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Laughing hysterically as I continue to catch up. I'm now on Chapter 51 (obviously) and am dying over the whole texting thing! TOO FUNNY!

  4. jovikitn65 Says:

    Richie had me laughing so hard I almost peed my pants lol!! Ok now that I have managed to get myself under control I have to say this was by far one of your best chapters yet! In the future you might want to post a warning stating " careful might cause hysterical laughter."

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