John Francis - Chapter 38

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 3:07 PM
Amanda gave a much edited version of her time with Jon, telling her mother she had met some of his friends and they were just great people. She had her mother laughing with the story about the questions she got to ask the guys and their response and her eyes were dreamy when she told about Jon singing to her at Dr. Feelgood’s club.

Jennifer listened and watched closely, but still had some questions for Jon.

“Thought you were married, Jon,” she questioned him bluntly.

“I was. My divorce was final one year ago this past Friday,” he replied quietly.

Jennifer turned to Amanda. “The same day…?”

“Yeah, Mom, same day. That sorta drew us together.”

They continued talking, getting to know one another. Jennifer found herself almost against her will charmed by the man who so clearly seemed to love her daughter. And her heart was overfilled with the joy she saw in Amanda who so obviously returned that love. She nodded her approval at the two of them and as they were taking their leave, she gave Jon a big hug. She pulled him close for a moment and managed to whisper in his ear without Amanda hearing.

“Don’t you dare hurt my girl!”

Jon hugged her back. “I won’t. I never expected to find love again.”

She kissed his cheek then. “I don’t think she did either.”

They nodded then, each understanding the other.
“What was that all about?” Amanda asked as they drove back to Tico’s.

“Just a mama lion watching after her cub…” Jon grinned at her.

“Oh Lord! What did she say?” Amanda groaned.

“It wasn’t anything honey, she just didn’t want me to hurt you.”

“I don’t think she’ll ever stop being ‘mom’.” She laughed.

“Hey, I can understand that. I don’t know how to stop being a dad.” He began again before she could speak.

“Come home with me, come to New Jersey. I know I told your mom I had asked you, but I really didn’t yet. I’m asking now. Come with me, please?” He took her hand in his, pulling her palm to his lips.

“Jon!” she scolded him, “you know that’s not fair. I can’t think when you touch me.”

“Oh really…?” He waggled his eyebrows wickedly at her. She laughed and they relaxed on the ride back.

They walked into the house to find Richie sprawled on the couch watching one of the “Batman” movies.

“Hey guys!” he hollered out to them.

“Hi, sweetie,” she called back, coming over to kiss his cheek.

Richie looked at Jon, who scowled at him, “Hey fuck you, Sambora! I ain’t kissing ya!”

“Didn’t want you to, asshole! Richie shot back. “So how did the meeting with mom go?”

Amanda laughed, “Well he charmed her and she threatened him, so all in all, I’d say rather well.”

Richie quirked an eyebrow at that comment. “I guess I jumped the gun a little on the ‘mom’ meeting. Told her I loved Amanda and I wanted her to come with me.”

“Where ya going?” This was news to Richie.

“It’s where we’re all going, man, back to Jersey.”

“How soon you want me ready?” Richie was game for most anything.

“I’ll be making arrangements for tomorrow if that works for you two.”
He looked at Amanda.


  1. Opester Says:

    Oh wow, back to Jersey! Amanda is going to have quite an adjustment-those southern girls have trouble dealing with northern temperatures! Not to mention being so close to the city. At least there is a beach in NJ...

  2. allina_90 Says:

    Woaw, he wants her come with him to Jersey - that'll be a difficult decision for her, I guess.

    I'm curious about where this will lead to ;)

  3. jovikitn65 Says:

    I love the playful banter between the guys, always giving each other crap lol. Amanda go for it! It is time for you to move on with your life and if that chance takes you to jersey, then do it.

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