John Francis - Chapter 25

Monday, April 21, 2008 at 4:57 AM
Tico had left keys for his other car for their use and with Amanda helping to navigate Jon quickly brought them to the shop in West Palm Beach. They entered the Harley dealership but Amanda thought she should point out that this place probably didn’t rent.

“Uh, Jon?”

“Yeah, babe?”

“I don’t think you can rent a bike here.” She informed him.

“They do rent, but you don’t think we’re only going for one ride, do ya?” he smiled at her.

Her answering smile tightened his pants and near took his breath away. “Fuck” he mumbled.


“I gotta get bigger pants” he smirked at her. She looked at his groin before she could stop herself and felt a flush. “Fuck” she mumbled, in complete agreement with him.

Both had shit-eating grins as they entered the sales area.

They didn’t quite manage to control their faces as a salesman walked over to them.

“Can I help you folks?” he asked.

“Yeah, need a soft tail” Jon responded.

The salesman apparently didn’t recognize Jon yet and casually showed him the models available. Jon sat on several, looked at the lines, the seat, the handlebars, and made his choice. He took out a credit card, after requesting a small bit of available customization and the salesman took the card to run it. They could see him as he finally looked at the card, then jerked his head up to look at Jon. He stared for a few seconds as Jon just nodded, then completed the purchase.

Returning to them, the salesman felt a bit chagrined that he had perhaps not treated this customer properly.

“Mr. Bon Jovi…” he began.


“Uh, Jon, I, uh, hope you, uh…the service…” the man stammered.

“Everything was fine, Tom” he answered, glancing at the man’s nameplate.

“Oh, okay, then…well, did you want this delivered or…?”

“Nope, want to drive it home” Jon stated firmly.

“Let me get a temporary tag then.” Tom moved off to make the arrangements.

Jon meanwhile was making his own arrangements on his cell with one of Tico’s staff to have the car picked up from the dealership so they could take the bike out with having to come back.

“It’s a beautiful bike, Jon” Amanda remarked, running her hands over the seat.

“Glad you like it, baby, I do too. I miss my bike in Jersey.”

“Do you get home much?” she asked him.

“As much as I can…especially now…” he slowed a little, “try to see the kids as much as I can.”

“I can understand that. You must miss them very much.”

He just nodded, a bit of a sad smile on his face.

“Hey!” he had a thought, “I never asked, you have any kids?” He was unprepared for the swiftness of the hurt in her eyes as she turned from him, answering softly, “No, no kids”.

The return of the salesman prevented his further questioning and Amanda was glad. Her infertility still hurt after all these years and she hoped Jon would just take her answer at face value.

Jon, while not appreciating the interruption, had seen the hurt in her eyes and knew there was more to her answer than just ‘no’. When the time was right he would get her to tell him.

There were riding accessories at the dealership and they purchased helmets, leathers, and a saddlebag. Jon attached the bag and they put on the leather protection. The bike had been rolled outside for them and getting on, Jon waggled his eyebrows at her.

“Ready for a ride, baby?”

She giggled at his double entendre and decided give him a little taste of his own medicine. Hitching the leathers tighter and grasping her hair in her hands to get the helmet on right, she smirked at him, leaned in and whispered in his ear.

“Motorcycles make me horny.”

He growled in response and she heard his mock menacing tone. “You’re gonna pay for that.”

He growled again as she replied, “Jesus! I hope so!”

With a hard kick, the bike roared to life and they were off.


  1. Opester Says:

    “Motorcycles make me horny.”

    You betcha-that's why I named ours "BOB"-hehehe! Jon and a Harley, whoohoo-that sure is my fantasy!

  2. jovikitn65 Says:

    Been such a long time since I have been on a bike. Hope Jon and Amanda don't mind if I tag along on their ride. I promise to be quiet ; )

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