John Francis - Chapter 15

Thursday, April 17, 2008 at 8:51 AM
“I heard.” Jon said quietly and quickly. Richie made wide eyes. “It’s okay, man, you had my back, like always.”

“Sorry, Jon, but I had to say something to her and she’s too real to lie to.”

“Yeah, ain’t that the truth.” Pausing, Jon murmured almost more to himself, “I ain’t letting her go, Rich, I can’t.”

“I know, bro’, and I’m glad.”

Nodding at one another as no further words were needed, they returned to the kitchen as Amanda was setting out cups and spoons with the cream and sugar. She turned as they entered and they met her with big grins.

“Coffee, coffee, coffee, smoke, java…caffeine!” Richie sang. All three laughed and chatted the afternoon away.

During a lull in their conversation, Amanda suddenly bolted upright in her chair and muttered loudly, “Oh shit!” They looked at her with questioning expressions and she mock wailed “My car! My friggin’ car!”

“What about your car?” asked Jon.

“I left it parked overnight on the main road. It’s been towed by now. Crap! I completely forgot about it!”

She made fun of herself then, asking Jon to ‘go find her brain since he knew where it was.’

Jon and Richie laughed at that, but then Jon looked at her. “Honey, this isn’t a problem, we’ll just go get it out. We can borrow one of Teek’s cars.” Turning to Richie he asked, “You up for a ride, bro’?”

He nodded at her, “No problem, babe, we got your back.”

Grabbing her purse, Amanda made her way to her bathroom to freshen up. Looking in the mirror at herself, she grimaced. “Ack! Not a drop of makeup and bed hair!” She quickly brushed out her tangles, working harder at it than she normally had to do which brought a sly grin to her face, and threw on some blush and chapstick in response to her swollen lips, which again made her give herself what she now knew was a shit-eating grin. “Stop it, you idiot!” she scolded herself. The grin, however, refused to fade.

Returning to downstairs, she saw the two men standing talking to Tico who had obviously just returned. All three looked at her as she descended and they all stopped talking and smiled.

“What?” she questioned as they were looking at her with big grins.

“Where’s the war paint?” Richie smirked at her.

“The war paint?” she squinted her eyes at him in puzzlement.

“Yeah” he laughed, “Ya know, that thing women do when they ‘go out’ somewhere.”

She laughed her sexy laugh, “Uh, sorry, not a war paint kinda gal. I do ‘clean up nice’ when I need to, but for every day…” her voice trailed off.

To her amazement she saw a blush on Richie’s face. He grinned wickedly at her. “Darlin’, you are right about that, you DO clean up nice!’

All three men were laughing now and when she continued to look at them with a question on her face, Tico finally took pity on her. “I cleaned Jon up.”

She looked at Tico then, comprehension slowly dawning, and then looked at Richie who continued to have a wicked gleam in his eye.

“So that means…” she drawled to a stop and Richie, who could not contain himself for another second roared with laughter.

Glancing at the other two men, he grinned widely. “Did I get the better end of that deal or what?”

Amanda’s wide eyes and gaping mouth had all three laughing uproariously now, tears actually coming to Richie’s eyes. She walked up to him and he grabbed her shoulders, laughing like a loon.

“Remember, now, not the playin’ arm!”

She grinned then as he was just too silly to resist. “Well, I never…” she tried to huffily protest, but Richie was on a roll now and with an evil grin, he waggled his eyebrows at her. “That’s not what I heard!”

That earned him a jab in the stomach and his surprised “Oof!” had them all near tears.

“Hey, I volunteered!” Tico offered up.

Amanda cocked her head at the three. “I’m just not gonna win here, am I?”

All three shook their heads and laughing they exited the house to get her car.

Tico drove to the Palm Beach Police Department so Amanda could find out where her car had been towed. On the way, Richie, Jon, and Tico continued to entertain her with stories, quips, wisecracks and just general silliness. She could not remember laughing this hard in such a long time. Their natural personalities were so engaging that Amanda found herself accepting them more and more as just regular guys. They were all starting to become her friends and she enjoyed their friendly banter.

She remained constantly aware of Jon’s presence, however, and whenever his hands brushed against her thigh or touched her hand she felt a slight tremor go through her. Jon felt her shivers and shifted several times to try and relieve the pressure in his pants. He longed to bury himself in her again, but also realized he was coming to enjoy just being in her company. He took pleasure in hearing her laugh and her sense of humor caused all three men to appreciate being in her company.

Arriving at the police department, they all left the car to go inside. Amanda grinned at them. “Guys, I can handle this, really.” But they all just shook their heads no and laughing, she led the parade inside.

A moment before they entered, Jon put his hand on the low swell of her back and Amanda gasped and felt her nipples rise as if a button was pushed. Once inside, all male heads locked on the target she presented. As she was beginning to reach in her purse for her wallet, she didn’t notice the attention she was getting, however, Jon felt irritation arise and immediately moved to stand in front of her. Scowling at the desk personnel until they resumed their previous tasks, he heard a coughing laugh from Richie and Tico. He turned the same scowl on them, only to be presented with their innocent faces.

Amanda moved to step around Jon, but he stopped her and moved to the desk himself. She turned to look at the two men standing behind her. Both shrugged and grinned. She scowled at them herself and they turned the same innocent faces to her. Turning back around, she saw Jon talking to one of the officers.

“Is it your car, Sir?” the officer was asking at the moment.

“No, it belongs the lady here and we need to know if it has been towed and where to pay the fine and pick it up.”

“Jon,” Amanda started to say, but stopped when he stiffened. She was looking at him so she did not notice the officer again looking at her chest.

“Excuse me,” Jon’s tone increasingly icier, “should I be talking to someone else?”

“No Mr. Bon Jovi, but I do need the license and make and model of the car.”

Amanda had her wallet out now and Jon turned to keep her out of the line of sight.

“It’s a 2005 Mustang and the license is D3R 8Y7,” she told the officer, poking her head around Jon’s unmoving figure.

The officer pushed several keys on a computer and read out the information provided. “It has been towed to the impound lot and there is a $200 fine for overnight parking”.

Jon drew out a credit card and laid it on the counter. “Jon…” Amanda tried again, but he just smiled at her. “No way babe. I owe ya.” She smiled. “Yeah, the big save” and then suddenly remembering what her last thought had been before she hit the wall she started to giggle. Turning and giving her his “duck lips” look in question, she had to bite the inside of her cheek to stop her giggles from turning into full blown laughter. The officer ran Jon’s card, but informed them that as it was Sunday, they would not be able to pick the car up until Monday after 9 AM. Amanda made a ‘grrrr’ sound behind Jon. He grinned at her and she felt herself smiling in return.

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  1. Opester Says:

    “Remember, now, not the playin’ arm!”
    and Tico volunteered? Such noble guys, aren't they? LOL!

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