John Francis - Chapter 23

Saturday, April 19, 2008 at 8:27 AM
For once Amanda did not hear his approach until his teasing tone broke through her thoughts and she heard, “Damn Richie, can’t leave you alone with my girl for one minute, can I?”

Amanda turned at Jon’s voice and looked at him with such love in her eyes that his breath caught and his step faltered a little. She moved from Richie to Jon’s arms and again buried her face into a shoulder. Jon’s eyes met Richie’s and his friend gave a brief nod. Jon’s arms tightened on Amanda and she responded in kind.

His joking tone eased the level of emotion in the room as he drew back and asked her, “You left me in bed, alone I might add, when there was coffee to be had?”

She smiled at him and quipped, “Well, I think Richie made the coffee…”

“Ugh!” he laughed, “I’m making the next pot.”

She laughed along with him, shaking a finger at him. “No way, buddy, I’m in charge of the coffee from now on!”

Tico entered to the sound of laughter.

“Good morning, Tico” Amanda almost sang out. He gave a big smile at her cheerfulness in the morning.

“Good morning, chica,” he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

As she busied herself making fresh coffee, the men discussed their upcoming plans. Tico was taking Richie to the airport and then heading out to the marina where he kept his boat. He would be traveling to the Keys for at least a week as there was a huge art festival in Key West that he wanted to attend. Richie meanwhile would be heading to California for three days to visit with his lady friend. Jon again brought up the charity auction the next night and reminded himself to call his assistant to have one of his older guitars sent overnight Fed-Ex so it could be entered as an auction item.

Bringing mugs to the table, Amanda brought the fresh coffee over and filled the four cups. Tico was telling Jon he should make himself at home here while he was gone and Jon expressed his thanks.

“That means you too, Amanda,” Tico said, with a big smile.

“Thanks so much, Tico, I really appreciate your generosity.”

They filled the remaining time with small talk until the two travelers announced it was time to leave. Amanda gave each a big hug, with an extra squeeze for Richie that only she and he understood. Both kissed her cheek and gave Jon a slap on the shoulder as they gathered luggage and made their way out the door.

Richie couldn’t resist adding as he left, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do kiddies.”

Amanda shot back, “Well, that leaves the door wide open, doesn’t it?”

Richie’s chortle of laughter was heard even after they closed the door.

Jon and Amanda sat in comfortable silence drinking their coffee. He couldn’t stop stealing glances at her though and she in turn felt what seemed to be an ever-present heat begin to re-awaken. He noticed her slight trembling begin and felt his groin tighten. When he saw her set her cup down, he moved with a speed that surprised her. He pulled her out of her chair and up against him. Her breath quickened audibly and he saw the widening of her eyes. Without a word they undressed each other, clothes flying in all directions. With a strength that stunned her, he lifted her onto the table and had her lay down. Before she could protest, he grabbed her thighs and raised her womanly center to his mouth. She gasped in shock and started to move to stop him when she felt the warmth of his touch.

All resistance left her. He nuzzled her, tasting her wetness, feeling her thighs tighten in his hands. On their own her hands reached down to grasp his hair as he explored her depths. She shuddered, the passion growing until with one flick of his tongue he drove her over the edge and she screamed, bucking wildly, back arched, breasts thrust into the air. His hands gripped her hips, leaving bruises, as he gentled the movement of his tongue to prolong her pleasure.

She lay boneless, overwhelmed with the intensity of her orgasm. She dimly heard Jon tearing open foil to protect her and then before she had even begun to recover, he pulled her closer to the table edge and plunged into her in one hard powerful stroke. Her groan was only exceeded by his as he felt her tightness and heat. She rolled her head back and forth, arching her hips to receive the full length of him. He took her unspoken invitation and drove into her, using her hips to pull her harder against him. Fighting for control against every instinct that urged him to lose himself inside her, he slowed his strokes, increasing her pleasure until her labored breathing told him she was once again poised at the edge.

The fullness of the man, his ragged breathing, and his deep guttural groans heightened Amanda’s senses until she felt a raging heat roaring through her. At her inner tightening, Jon lost his battled and quickening his movements, he drove her over, Amanda screaming out his name. His name on her lips brought a deep satisfaction as he exploded inside her.

He lay on top of her, both gasping in deep ragged breaths. He wrapped his hand in her hair and she reached for his at his neck. It took a few moments for him to find his voice, but he finally managed.

“Did I hurt you baby?” he whispered hoarsely.

She gave a deep chuckle that made him twitch inside her as her walls tightened in rhythm with her laugh.

“No, but I think I might need surgery…” she giggled.

He raised his head to look at her and she laughed harder.

“Do you think you could get that spoon off my butt now?”

He raised himself off her and she lifted up enough for him to see the rounded end of a spoon, the handle plastered to her ass. He laughed then, removing the offending object.

“Whew!” she gasped, “Much better!”

Their laughter filled the air as they rose up, still shaking. Jon took a moment to remove his protection and then stood with his hands on his hips, his chuckles turning into full-blown laughter. She followed his gaze then as he turned in the room. Her underpants were in the sink, her bra on the light above the table, his jeans nearly in the living room, his shirt on the stove, and her shorts near the entrance to the laundry room. Her shirt had actually landed in the garbage can. They shook from their laughter as they gathered up the scattered items.

Amanda started to dress, but Jon stopped her. She looked at him.

“Just the shirt, please babe?” he pleaded.

She grinned at him, but remarked, “Panties, too, okay?”

He looked at the small wisp of silk in her hand and smirked, “Yeah, okay, panties too.”

She playfully slapped at him and he cried out “ow!” as she hit his right arm, he laughed, “what do you have against a man’s playin’ arm?”

She grinned abashedly. “Guess I should watch that, huh?”

“Yeah,” he grinned back, “you maim my guitar player and I’ve got band problems!”

She pouted, “Well, Richie provokes me!”


  1. Romaine Says:

    This story is great! I hope Jon and Amanda will make it though. They deserve to be happy!

    I really love your story :-)

  2. Sunstreaked Says:

    Thanks so much, Romaine! It's so nice to know people like it. I really appreciate all comments. There will be bumps of course but nothing too "over the top". Trying to stay a little in the realm of real possibilities!

  3. Opester Says:

    “Do you think you could get that spoon off my butt now?”
    OUCH!!!!!! But I'm guessing it was worth it, hehehe! Keep those chapters coming, babe!

  4. Hathor Says:

    Alright, I'm all caught up now LOL. This is a great story. Their passion is intoxicating. And Richie would provoke a saint; it's just his way hahaha

  5. Sunstreaked Says:

    Thank you all so much for your comments! I love knowing when someone likes a line or just the general chapter. It really means a lot to get feedback and everyone who is commenting gets an internet hug from me!

  6. jovikitn65 Says:

    This story is nothing short of amazing. I love how you write the guys. They can be goofy and sweet one minute, then serious in another. Jon I hope you appreciate the gem you have found in Amanda.

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