John Francis - Chapter 19

Friday, April 18, 2008 at 6:18 AM
Tico had called for a limo tonight as parking was limited near the restaurant. As they stepped outside, Amanda stopped short when she saw the car.

Glancing quickly at Jon, she warned with laughter in her voice, “ONE bottle of wine tonight, deal?”

Laughing himself, he agreed. “Deal!”

They entered the vehicle for the short drive to the restaurant.

Palm Beach, home of the rich and famous, still had levels of celebrity, and it soon became apparent what constituted the upper echelon. As the four exited the limo, Amanda heard a ripple of voices from the outside tables and after the police station incident she glanced quickly down at herself. No, it wasn’t her. She watched in fascination as excited voices could now be heard.

“Oh my God! Jon Bon Jovi!! Richie!! Tico!! It’s Bon Jovi!! Look! Over there!! Jon! Jon! Tico! Richie!!

If Jon’s hand had not been on Amanda’s back as they were walking towards the entrance, she wouldn’t have been able to move. He gently propelled her forward, giving her a genuine smile before he turned to acknowledge the fans of the band. Smiling, nodding, saying hello, shaking hands, autographing a few items, the men and Amanda managed to move into the restaurant where they were quickly seated. An audible murmur continued, but the exclamations had died down to a more fitting level.

She sat at the table next to Jon facing the back of the restaurant, with Richie and Tico facing the front. She stared at the tablecloth for a few moments as she was still stunned. Over the last few days she had become so comfortable with these men that what had just happened shocked her. They were just Jon, Richie, and Tico and who they also were had slipped from her mind. That probably shocked her more than anything.

All three noted her expression and exchanged glances while she continued looking at the table. Richie quirked an eyebrow at Jon and he spoke to her quietly.

“Honey, it happens sometimes. I honestly didn’t think about it because Tico lives here and we’ve been here lots. Are you okay?”

They all waited until she finally raised her eyes. “Yes, I was just surprised. I guess I forgot for a minute who you all are.”

They smiled warmly at her and Richie quipped, “Darlin’ you don’t know how good that is to hear.”

That remark brought a true smile to her face. “So, what’s good here?”

Jon grinned that famous grin at her. “You mean besides me?”

That earned him an elbow in the ribs as Amanda choked on her water.

They spent an enjoyable evening, dining on a variety of exotic dishes and select wines. Richie’s natural silliness and Tico’s sly humor quickly eased any lingering self-consciousness on Amanda’s part. Jon meanwhile never stopped touching her. Either his leg, his hand, his arm, or a foot was always in contact with her. He stopped once to move a curl that was too close to her mouth and she gasped at his touch. She blushed furiously when she caught Tico and Richie exchanging glances.

“Oh shut up!” She warned them. Richie reached his left hand over to protect his right arm and Tico put his hands behind his back. “Geez Tico,” she laughed, “I haven’t even hit you yet!” Her husky giggle made them laugh and started an ache again in Jon.

Once dinner was over and they were waiting for coffee to be served, Amanda excused herself. She spent a few minutes standing at the mirror waiting for that stupid grin to get off her face. Jon was simply making her crazy. Her skin felt like it was on fire and although she kept chiding herself to stop being ridiculous, no matter what she thought the grin was still there. The door opened behind her and she suddenly felt a pair of arms around her waist. Her head bolted upright and a surprised “Jon!” flew from her lips.

“What are you doing, you fool?! This is the ladies’ room!” Although she was alone at the moment, she knew the door could open at any second.

“I missed you,” he said simply, with a gorgeous pout on his lips.

Wide eyed she grinned at him. He was just too damn cute! She kissed him, she couldn’t stop herself. Those eyes just captured her and she lost her reserve. He deepened the kiss, grabbing her hair in his hands, holding her molded to his body. She felt his excitement and then felt a responding warmth deep inside her. For a few moments, she lost all track of time, and then it happened. The door opened.

“Oh dear, excuse me!” came an upper crust voice and then the closing of the door. Jon chuckled deep in his throat.

“Guess that’s my cue” he grinned at her.

She poked him in the stomach, refusing to turn at his “oof” and walked back to the table with as much dignity as she could with her face as red as it was. As she sat down, she unknowingly repeated an earlier statement.

“Not a word, not one frickin’ word!”

It was now Richie and Tico’s turn to look at the tablecloth as they struggled to comply. Jon’s shit-eating grin as he returned to the table did not help.

While drinking their coffee, Tico piped up with “Let’s go down to City Place. There are some great clubs!”

“City Place?!” Amanda gulped.

“Sure, I know a great club, Dr. Feelgood’s.” Tico encouraged.

“Feelgood’s?” she squeaked uncharacteristically. She was thinking again about their entrance to Taboo.

“Oh man,” enthused Richie, “Feelgood’s is great! We gotta go there. I’ve been itchin’ to get my hands on a guitar. You up for it, bro?” he asked Jon.

“Absolutely! This lady looks too fine to take her home yet. Whatta ya say, babe? Come on, Dr. Feelgood’s is really is a fun place.” Jon looked at her inquiringly.

She took a deep breath and smiled. “Yeah, let’s go!”

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  1. Opester Says:

    “Oh shut up!” She warned them. Richie reached his left hand over to protect his right arm and Tico put his hands behind his back. “Geez Tico,” she laughed, “I haven’t even hit you yet!” Her husky giggle made them laugh and started an ache again in Jon.

    Poor Tico-he's gonna feel neglected if Amanda doesn't start punching him soon! LOL!

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