John Francis - Chapter 24

Monday, April 21, 2008 at 4:55 AM
As they finished a late breakfast to satisfy another hunger, Jon again asked her the question she didn’t answer before.


“Yeah honey?” she replied unselfconsciously, warming Jon’s heart.

“You didn’t answer me before. Did I hurt you ‘cause I know you said you were sore last night?”

She shot him a sly grin. “I seem to have recovered.”

He chuckled softly. “If that’s how you ‘recover’, I’m gonna be dead in three days!”

Again she playfully raised a hand, however, this time he caught it and pulled her to him.

“Two can play at that game” he leered at her before bringing his hand down on her backside in a slightly stinging slap. Her indrawn breath and wide eyes were the beginning of her answer to that provocation, however, the immediate peaking of her nipples against his chest removed all questions. He filed that information away as he rubbed where he had just smacked. He released her with a grin as she stood still for a moment getting her breathing under control. His secreted smirk hid all sorts of delicious thoughts.

Amanda needed a moment to bring her instant lust under control. She felt her panties dampen as moisture flowed. Jesus! She thought. She was finally able to glance at him, but he had his face under control by then and she could only hope he had not realized what had just happened to her.

They finished breakfast and cleaned the dishes.

“Gotta make a few calls if you don’t mind” he told her.

“No problem, I’d like to jump into the shower” and get rid of her arousal problems she thought.

“Works for me, but I won’t be long. Mind if I join you when I’m finished?” he smiled at her.

“Shower only!” she growled at him.

“Scout’s honor” he replied.

“You were a boy scout?” she questioned him.

“Nah, but I am always prepared…” he drawled.

Rolling her eyes at him, she left the room laughing on her way.

Jon found a phone book and located a motorcycle dealership. He then made a few business calls. He also needed to call his kids, but knew they would be in school on a Monday at this time. He took the stairs quickly and entered the bathroom where Amanda had just finished shaving her legs.

“Oops!” she laughed, “Ya caught me!”

“What? Shaving? Well, how else are you going to get those long legs ready to wrap around me?”

She blushed again. When had she ever blushed so much?

He made a movement to get her razor to shave his morning whiskers, but she stopped him, saying “Don’t.” He looked at her as she grinned sheepishly. “I like how it feels.”

“That’s reason enough not to,” he smiled, putting the razor down.

Finishing their shower, Jon told her to put on some jeans and boots.

She looked at him, cocking her head.

“We’re going for a ride, remember?” he reminded her.

“The bike ride?!” she asked excitedly.

He laughed until his sides hurt at how fast she began to move.


  1. Opester Says:

    “I like how it feels.”

    “That’s reason enough not to,” he smiled, putting the razor down.

    Hehehe, this could be me and my boyfriend-same logic I used to get him to keep the goatee. Amanda is my kind of woman-scruffy Jon and motorcycles-yeah!!!!!

  2. jovikitn65 Says:

    Oh how I would love to go on a bike ride with Jon..damn.

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