John Francis - Chapter 44

Monday, April 28, 2008 at 11:32 AM
“Come on, babe, let’s get these bags upstairs and settled in or I’ll have to face Linda’s wrath!” They lugged the bags upstairs and to Jon’s bedroom. Looking into a large suite-like room, Amanda hesitated at the door, wondering if this was the room Jon had shared with his ex-wife. Jon, always attuned to Amanda, said quietly, “This is another room I had re-done. I couldn’t keep things the way they were before.”

“Is my face that transparent?” she asked with wonder.

“No, it’s just that if we were at your house I would know it was the room you had shared with your husband and I would have feelings about that, so I just wanted to let you know.”

She kissed him softly. “Thanks honey.”

He showed her where she could put her foldaway clothes and the large closet where she could hang whatever she wanted. With both of them working together, Amanda was quickly unpacked. She ran her hands over a few of the items in his closet, most of them consisting of shirts and vests, with a few very formal dress clothes mixed in. She laughed softly.

“You have more clothes than I do…” she chuckled.

“Well, if I had my choice I would be in a t-shirt and jeans all the time, but it doesn’t always work out that way.”

“Do you hate always having to be “on” when in public, Jon?”

“Sometimes. The hard part is when I am trying to do something just like a normal person and someone spots me. If they are quiet and just want to say hello or get an autograph, it’s okay, but when they start the screaming and draw a crowd, well, that still bugs the shit outta me.”

He continued…”I don’t think I mentioned this yet, but the band has a benefit concert coming up this week at Giant’s stadium.”

“Oh my God! Your home crowd, hmm?” She laughed.

“Oh yeah, Giant’s is always a blast. We really have a good time there.”

“I’ll bet your concerts are great…” she stated, not quite realizing what she was admitting.

“You’ve never been to one?” He was a bit surprised.

“Uh, no, does that mean you’re throwing me back onto a plane and sending me home?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“No way, sweet girl, but it does mean you’re going to have some fun!” He really wanted her to see this side of him as he had no plans on stopping it any time soon.

“I really want you to meet the rest of the guys and for them to meet you.” He was also thinking about the apologies he owed to David and Hugh for being such an ass for so long. “They’re going to love you!”

“You seem so sure of that. How can you know what they’ll think of me?”

“You’ve already won over Tico and Richie, and as I’m coming to realize, everyone you meet, so I have no worries about this.” He grinned wickedly at her. “Besides, when Richie tells them about the wooden spoon they won’t dare try anything!”

She laughed loudly at that – “Oh my God! I’m never gonna live that down, am I?”

He threw back his head and laughed with her – “No way, babe, especially since Richie knows you brought the spoon!”

“I know, I know, but I just couldn’t resist…he’s so much fun to tease. I’m so glad to have him and Tico for friends. You do think they are my friends now, don’t you?” she asked a little apprehensively.

“Babe, Richie and Tico would walk through fire for you, even if you weren’t with me.”

“I really like them both and I’m so glad to have met them,” she said quietly. “And, Jon…as much as I’m overwhelmed to have your love, thank you for also being my friend.”

Again, Amanda had a way of cutting through all the crap that came with his stardom and her simple words filled his heart.

They heard a voice calling them and they returned to the kitchen area to find several tasty cheeses, fruits, and breads that Linda had thoughtfully provided.

Amanda’s spontaneous comments at seeing what Linda had done were genuine. “Oh, Linda, this looks so good! Thank you so much!” She nodded her thanks at Amanda and threatened unconvincingly to whap Jon with a towel when he tried to twirl her around.

“Go on with your bad self, young man. I’ve got a roast in for dinner, so you have a few hours until then.”

Immediately Amanda offered to help in anyway she could, but she was informed everything was under control. Jon couldn’t help but notice Linda’s nod of approval towards him with regard to Amanda. “Well, if there is anything I can, please let me know. I’m great at washing dishes!” Linda’s smile grew even wider and after thanking her, she moved off to continue her preparations.

Jon and Amanda attacked the food that lay there so enticingly, both making “mmm” sounds at the wonderful tastes. Jon spoke to Linda as she worked around them in the kitchen.

“Lin, I want Amanda to feel completely at home here, so…” he began, but she interrupted.

“…so, since you’re a guy and likely not to consider what a woman might want to know, you want me to help you out?” She finished with a grin.

“Yes, ma’am, I sure would appreciate it.” He flashed his megawatt smile at her and shaking her head at his antics, she assured him she would be happy to show Amanda anything she needed.

“Thank you, Linda, I would greatly appreciate any help you have time for…” was Amanda’s thoughtful response. “Also, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you, okay?”

“Sure, honey, thanks for the offer.” Linda’s genuine smile towards Amanda showed her thorough approval.

Finishing their snack, Jon showed Amanda his office and then told her he had some calls to make.

“Do you mind if I grab a quick shower while you make your calls?”

“Honey, do what you want and stop asking permission. Remember what Tico said – ‘mi casa, su casa?’ – well, that applies even more here. Got it?”

She snapped him a sassy salute and a “yes sir!” before moving off to their room to get cleaned up.

Jon called Dot to let him know he was here and to check on Romeo’s fever. He seemed to be getting better, but she was still keeping his activities to a minimum. He was able to talk to his other kids, telling him he would see them very soon. A quick check with Richie confirmed he would be at his mom’s for a few days and they discussed the upcoming concert. He reached Tico who said he would fly in the day before and stay at Jon’s. David and Hugh, after an initial bit of hesitation at Jon’s call considering his mood of the last several months, could tell a few minutes into the conversation that something had changed with Jon. He told them both that he wanted to talk to them soon and ended both conversations with thanks for their support and assurances that things were better with him.

He spent about an hour checking on operations with The Soul, checking arrangements for the concert at Giant’s, and some of his other various business ventures. He finally left the office to look for Amanda as she had not returned. He found her in the kitchen working along side Linda to prepare some parts of the dinner. He laughed to himself. Linda was usually a tiger in defending her territory and seeing her allowing Amanda to help was the biggest indication yet that Amanda had won her over.

He walked in and put his arms around Amanda, who leaned back against him in response.

“Did you get all your business stuff taken care of?” she questioned.

“Yeah, all the major stuff. There are always details, but they’ll wait until things get closer.”

Linda turned to them – “Okay, scoot you two. Amanda, thanks for your help, but things are good now. Make Jon take you on a tour so you can find more than the kitchen and the bedroom.” She turned a wicked grin to Jon to let him know that she knew he would be happy to just have her in those two rooms.


  1. Opester Says:

    Gotta love Linda-and boy, does she have Jon's number or what? I bet she'll help Amanda keep him in line! Glad to see Amanda has another friend now too in New Jersey!

  2. allina_90 Says:

    I love how Linda and Jon treat each other - an awesome relationship!!

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