John Francis - Chapter 29

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 4:53 AM
For the next few hours Amanda felt as if she were in the eye of a hurricane named Jon. They entered store after exclusive store and if there was a woman there under the age of ninety they fell to Jon’s charms. She tried on one outfit after another in a whirlwind of activity. They were never without sales help as each woman tried her best to get another smile out of the rock star. Even the ones who didn’t recognize him were bowled over by his good looks and that amazing grin. The ones who did recognize him, well, once they were able to breathe again she was dazzled at the effort they went to trying to turn his attention from her to them.

Jon was thoroughly enjoying Amanda’s pleasure in trying on the beautiful clothes. He refused to allow her even a glimpse of a price tag, threatening her with “remember I know how to use my hand”, an instant lust-inducing thought for her, remembering his smack on her ass.

Damn! He did notice that! she grinned at herself in the mirror.

Several items of clothing later, they entered a Victoria’s Secret.

“Are you nuts?!” She hissed at him.

The smile he flashed her melted her knees and every shred of resistance she possessed.

“Try these on, babe.” He handed her several front clasp bras in various styles and colors.

“And how do you know my cup size?” She glared at him, hands on hips.

He pursed his lips and flexed his hands. She turned fourteen different shades of red.

“Miserable man,” she muttered as she took the bras to the fitting room. She had just started taking her shirt off, the cloth still over her face, when she felt her breasts cupped from behind. She startled violently, whipping the shirt off.

“What are you DOING in here?”

“Just making sure I’m right” he smirked at her, fondling her uncovered breasts.

Her eyes closed involuntarily as she felt the warmth of his hands, her nipples instantly rising to attention. He pushed himself against her and she felt the evidence of his arousal. Luxuriating in the feel of him for a moment, she finally shook her head, smacking him in the face with her hair.

He groaned, “God, baby, don’t do that here!”

He turned her in his arms, grabbing her hair and pulling her closer. The warmth of his mouth met hers and she melted against him. The knock on the dressing room door and a “Can I help you?” from the saleswoman drew them apart, with guilty smiles on both their faces.

“Guess I’d better let you try those on” he tried to sound normal for the benefit of the clerk.

“Yeah” she breathed a little heavily, “let’s see if you were right!”

He waited until she put the first one on and seeing the perfect fit, he waggled fingers at her, gave her his duck lips and a nod, and exited the dressing room, laughing loud enough for her to hear.

“Just wait, Jonny boy, just wait” she muttered threateningly under her breath.

After picking out matching bottoms for the bras, she managed to slip a few items into the pile and then set out to distract him long enough so he wouldn’t see her surprises.

Jon saw her glancing at him with a wicked smile on her face and knew he would be getting a taste of his own medicine at some time in the near future. He put his credit card down as Amanda called his name.

“Jon, what time do we have to be at this shindig tonight?”

He turned to her as the items were being bagged. “About 6. They have cocktails, then dinner, then the auction.”

“Will your guitar arrive in time?”

He shrugged, “It should. My assistant is pretty good and she was sending it overnight special delivery.”

They both turned at the same time as they heard a sharp intake of breath from the young woman clerking behind the counter. She was standing completely frozen, staring at the credit card in her hand as she was starting to hand it back. The name on the card had finally registered and she looked from it to the man in front of her.

“Jon Bon Jovi???” she squealed.

He nodded at her, reaching for his card.

“OH MY GOD!!!! You’re Jon Bon Jovi!!! Her voice getting progressively louder.

Jon heard a choking laugh from behind him and turned to glare at Amanda. She tried and failed to put an innocent face into place.

He had his hand on his card, but the woman seemed unable to let go. She just continued in an excited rush of words.

“OH MY GOD! I can’t believe you’re here in this store! I love everything you do! I’ve been to all your concerts down here! I even went to Orlando to see you when you played there! Oh my God! You’re standing here right in front of me! Jon Bon Jovi! I can’t believe it!”

Amanda was now seriously laughing behind Jon, almost doubled up from the running hysterics the woman was stuck in. Tears started in her eyes when a small tug of war seemed to be going on over the credit card. Jon finally reached up with his other hand and carefully removed the woman’s fingers from his card. He turned to look at Amanda then, but she had turned her back. He saw her shoulders shaking with laughter and rolled his eyes out of sight of the clerk.

The woman continued to babble, not even realizing he had needed to take his card away from her. Finally he just sighed and asked her if she would like an autograph.

“Oh my God! YES!!!!

Amanda turned at that and gaped open mouthed as the woman pulled down the top of her shirt for Jon to sign on her breast. He paused, pen in hand wondering what Amanda was going to think about this. He heard a squeak behind him and turned to see her almost killing herself to stop the laughter. He grinned at her then and turning, signed his name across the twenty-something’s chest, a chest that had obviously not been provided by nature.

The woman actually smirked at Amanda when Jon was signing, but then seemed put out that her surgically enhanced attributes had not turned him instantly away from a woman she thought was much too old for him. Ignoring Amanda, she took the receipt and scrawled her name and phone number on it before handing it to him.

“I can help you with anything you need, Jon” she purred at him. “Don’t hesitate to call for a special appointment with me.”

Amanda thought she was going to seriously hurt herself if she had to hold her in her laughter for much longer. A wicked smile crossed her lips and moving up to Jon’s side she trailed her finger down the opening in his shirt, through his chest hair, then dropped it down to his belt.

Turning to the woman who was now herself standing open mouthed, she smiled sweetly at her.

“Oh, I think he’s going to be much too busy with his hands to use the phone, darlin.” Hooking her hand into the top of his pants, she purred, “Isn’t that right, baby?”

The instant hard on Jon got at her voice, her sexual implications, and the seductive look she threw him had him speechless for a moment. Gathering his wits and the shopping bags, he licked his lips suggestively and replied hoarsely.

“Oh yeah, I’m definitely gonna be too busy to talk.”

Amanda tucked the receipt in her pocket and threw the woman a final look.

They both managed to make it outside and past the shop before exploding in laughter.


  1. Hathor Says:

    That was a fun few chapters, and I loved Jon's parting remarks! LOL.

  2. Opester Says:

    Good for Amanda! Not that you could take someone who behaved that way too seriously, but geesh! What gall! Glad Amanda didn't let it get to her and just had a bit of fun with it!
    "Surgically enhanced"=the new politically correct phrasing-LOL, I love it!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I am new to all this Bon JOvi fan fiction and I love it. I just started on your story yesterday and I'm up to chapter 29 already. I think I just woke up my house laughing along with Amanda when the salesgirl wanted an autograph!


  4. allina_90 Says:

    Oh my God! I would react like that - of course without the autograph on my breast.
    My God, if you'd ask him to do that you just can't have false boobs!!! He would go out of the store with the thought: Nice boobs, are they by nature? (If he'd even think something in that moment but BOOBS) I'd know they are false and... I'm talking mazy stuff.

    Great chapter, I'd really had to laugh (was what I intended to say (x )

  5. jovikitn65 Says:

    I laughed through this entire chapter lol. Amanda you might want to brace yourself cause there will be more encounters like that if you stick with Jon.

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