John Francis - Chapter 12

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 9:09 AM
Jon awoke some time during the night to hear soft sobs coming from the far side of the bed he was in. He lay still for a moment, wondering why she was crying, then turned to gather her in his arms.

“Mandy…?,” he started softly.

“I’m okay, Jon…” she started softly, “It’s just that I was remembering…and saying good-bye.”

He held himself against her while she cried softly, then giving a deep sigh, she fell into sleep. His sleep took a little longer.

Jon slowly awoke early that morning. He saw his hands around a dark-haired woman and he felt a peace deep in his soul. His drowsy mind saw Dorothea and he knew he was home. His hand traveled over her skin and he breathed deeply. Awareness tickled his senses and he realized this was not his wife…this was Mandy. For a moment, his heart broke again and then, unexpectedly, he felt a profound calmness. In his own way, at that moment, Jon released his old life and embraced the new.

Sunday morning light found the two curled tightly together, Amanda’s nose buried in Jon’s chest and Jon’s mouth in the warmth of her hair.

It was almost 11 am before Jon and Amanda stirred, each gradually becoming aware of the light, the room, and the warmth that enfolded them. They pulled back from their positions and looked deeply at each other. A thousand reasons and a million questions flew unspoken between the two, until Jon nodded at her and she nodded back. There were no more questions, just answers.

They finally arose, showered together, slowly savoring skin, but not answering their hunger, merely prolonging it. They dressed and Jon opened the door to go downstairs. Amanda reached for his hand and stopped him. He looked at her, saw her face looking closely at the floor, and hesitated, waiting for her to speak. She finally raised her head and looked deeply at him.

“You know who you are, right?”

Jon was momentarily taken aback, but understanding and awareness returned in a flash and he knew what she was asking.

“You mean, do I know I am ‘Jon Bon Jovi – Rock Star’,” he responded simply.

She shook her head, “Yes”.

“Mandy…I don’t know you, but I do. You would never have been with ‘Jon Bon Jovi’. He replied softly. “Honey, I need someone who wants the man. Do you want to be with me?” he asked hesitantly.

“…yes…” she whispered.

“Then that’s all I need to know right now. The rest will come.” Jon answered, reaching for her chin to plant a small kiss on her lips. “What you said to me earlier, about a new woman who didn’t exist before, well, I meant it too…this man didn’t exist before you.”

“I can’t believe you said that back to me,” came her reply.

“No, baby, I can’t believe you said it to me,” was his whispered response.

Holding hands, they exited the room and went down the stairs. They walked into the kitchen to find an empty coffee pot; both groaned.

“Yours or mine, babe?” Jon asked.

“Better see if I can tolerate yours,” she grinned back. “BUT,” she growled menacingly towards him, “I MUST have cream!”

He laughed, “Jesus, woman, okay, you can HAVE the damn cream!”

Richie and Tico entered the kitchen to the sound of laughter, both coming from the back patio outside area.

“Well, good morning to you two!” Tico laughed. He was encouraged to hear normal laughter from Jon again instead of the fake “press” laughter he had been hearing for months.

“Tico,” Amanda turned to him, “How can I ever thank you for your hospitality?”

Tico’s eyebrows raised a bit at that and he grinned, “Well, this is a little more than I usually provided.”

Amanda gaped, then roared with laughter. Wiping her eyes, she grinned at him. “Well, I would HOPE so!”

Even Jon was chuckling now as he could tell by Tico’s response that he had the older man’s approval for whatever came next with Amanda.

Richie mock pouted, “Oh sure, I get these two back here, riding in the BACK of the limo no less, and YOU!” – he pointed to Tico – “get all the damn credit!”

Amanda grinned and moved unselfconsciously into Richie’s outstretched arms. “Oh, sweetie, I swear, I will NEVER forget what you did!”

Richie’s arms wrapped around her in a bear hug and his eyes met Jon’s. Again came the unspoken message – ‘Don’t fuck this up!’ Jon nodded.

Amanda moved from Richie’s arms after an extra squeeze of acknowledgement and motioned to the room, “Well, since EVERYONE is determined to embarrass me, can I admit that I’m hungry again?”

Her velvety chuckle stopped the three suddenly rushing men in their tracks. “I swear, I’m keeping all three of you! Never seen men move so damn fast when a woman says she’s hungry!”

They grinned at her and she felt herself grow warm at Jon’s lingering glance, even as he continued to move to bring her food. Both Tico and Richie were excellent cooks and Jon’s fumbling attempts to “help” were endearing to her. Did he ever cook anything? she wondered, then shook her head softly.

After their late brunch, the four sat discussing what was happening with each one that day. Tico had some of his art at a local gallery and was going to stop by and see how the pieces were moving. Richie wanted to go shopping as he wanted to send something the girlfriend he was missing. Jon and Amanda looked at each other.

Both Richie and Tico burst out laughing, “Never mind! We don’t want to know!” Laughing good-naturedly, they both wandered off to start their day.


  1. T Says:

    This story is really good. The sex scenes are scorching hot and the humor is a great balance. Can't wait for more.


  2. Opester Says:

    Tico’s eyebrows raised a bit at that and he grinned, “Well, this is a little more than I usually provided.”
    LOL! I love Tico's character! He must get quite a charge out of Jon and Richie at times! And lucky Amanda-to be with the three hottest men on the planet! I know I'll be having good dreams tonight!

  3. willow Says:

    jI'm really enjoying this story!! I was "sent" here by a friend and now I can't stop. Looking forward to the day I get caught up!

  4. johnnajovi Says:

    I find this site yesterday and I am hooked! The sex scenes are wicked hot. Although, I was scared in the beginning about Jon being charged w/rape, but, it worked out in the end. I just adore how Jon, Richie, and Tico are so well written. I just hope Jon doesn't screw it up w/Mandy!

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