John Francis - Chapter 11

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 9:05 AM
Tico and Amanda returned to the kitchen. Richie was putting on some coffee as Jon was staying off liquor for the night.

“Ooh!” squealed Amanda, “coffee?”

Richie laughed, “Yep, Richie Sambora’s special brew!”

“Oh shit!” barked Jon, “let me make the coffee!”

Amanda looked questioningly at Richie. “Jon drinks the grounds, my coffee is never strong enough for him.”

“Let me guess,” she looked at Jon, “you’re a Starbucks kinda guy?”

“Ooh, yeah, triple espresso all the way!”

She laughed again, “Uh oh, I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts kinda girl…I see problems…” she sang out.

“No problem,” Jon laughed, “so the limo has to make two stops.”

Amanda got a thoughtful expression on her face. Turning quizzically towards Richie, she asked, “Was I in a limo last night?”

“Yes,” he carefully replied, not sure where her thoughts were headed.

“Is that where he got sick?” She pointed to Jon.

“Yeah,” Richie again responded with his eyes raised quizzically.

“So where did you ride, back with us or in the front?”

“Back with you,” he drawled slowly.

“Eww!” she laughed, “For that I’LL drink your coffee, Richie! And you, Mister, will drink it too!”

Jon laughed when Richie responded, “Finally! Revenge for the limo ride!”

Taking their coffees out into the living room, Tico asked if they wanted to watch a movie. Jon and Amanda agreed, while Richie, after a sly glance at Tico, said “Hell no! Teek and I are doin’ the town!”

“This town?” Amanda asked.

“Yeah,” laughed Tico, “I live here too, babe!”

“That’s true, sorry Tico, I forgot! Has anyone seen my brain?”

Jon chuckled loudly, “Didn’t know it was missing, but I think I know where to look!”

Amanda, for at least the hundredth time, blushed.

As the two other men left the room to getting ready to go out, Jon asked her what movie she would like to see.

“You pick. Action, drama, good thriller – all are okay with me.”

Jon’s face gave a little pout as he asked, “The Godfather?”

Amanda laughed huskily and nodded her head. Damn! Jon thought, does she know what she does to me with that laugh?

They sat curled on the couch, watching the beginning of the movie. They paused when the other two came downstairs and made their goodnights. The closing of the door told Amanda and Jon that once again they were alone. Amanda reached out to turn the movie back on as Jon reached out and touched her chin. She froze, then slowly turned to him. Brown eyes moved until they met his startlingly blue ones.

She felt the soft caress of his thumb on her lips, rubbing gently over and over until her lips parted and he replaced his hand with his mouth. His stubble against the softness of her lips and cheeks started the heat and she felt herself moistening.

Jon kissed her with infinite patience, adoring the warmth of her mouth and the quick flicks of her tongue, but adoring even more when he overwhelmed her defenses and she gave back to his mouth as good as she got. He loved the shivering he could cause in her with his nearness and the trembling that roared to life when he touched her.

She was trembling now; he wanted to make her quiver for him. He needed to be inside her and his pants tightened, causing a strangled groan to escape his mouth into hers. Her eyes widened and her breath became a gasp.

He stood, pulling her quickly to her feet with such force she ended up plastered against him completely. Her eyes gazed directly into his and he twisted his hand into her hair, slanting her mouth to continue his invasion. Her breasts flattened slightly against his chest, but the prominent nipples jutted out and he allowed his other hand to slide to her breast.

Cupping her, teasing the nipple, she groaned into his mouth and shut her eyes. Jon took his eyes from her beautiful breasts and looked at her. Her head was tilted back, exposing the long line of her throat and he growled deep in his chest, licking from her collarbone to her chin. Amanda’s eyes flew open and she shuddered. I’m lost, she thought.

This time it was Amanda who silently took Jon’s hand and led him up the stairs. This time it was his breath that vanished and his control that couldn’t last. This time he was the one who was lost. The sound and fury of their play was echoed in the walls of the empty home.


  1. Opester Says:

    Seriously hot stuff! I like the additional pieces and I'm glad Richie is finally vindicated for that limo ride!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi ,just wanted to say really enjoying this story even if the first few chapters had me reading through my fingers,thinking JBJ and rape where is this going?Glad all was sorted out and love how this is developing.

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