John Francis - Chapter 18

Friday, April 18, 2008 at 6:14 AM
Amanda returned from the call of nature and saw the men quietly discussing an upcoming charity event that Jon needed to attend. He saw her and patted the space next to him in an inviting manner. She moved to his side and sat gracefully. He gathered her in against him, not breaking stride in the conversation.

“…so it’s for Habitat and here on the island. I thought I would put in an appearance, maybe try to find something for the auction they’ll have. One of my guitars needs retired, so that outta do it.”

Richie and Tico nodded their heads, with Tico saying “yeah, those seem to bring in good results, especially among the younger crowd.”

“Well, this is supposed to be a mixed crowd so hopefully it will help the bottom line.”

One of the things Amanda did know about Jon that was a fact was his philanthropic activities even though she did not know the full extent. It was actually one of the things she admired most about him.

Richie’s voice broke through her thoughts. “I don’t know about you all, but I’m fuckin’ starvin!

The other’s nodded their agreement and decided to go to Taboo, one of the restaurants on the island. Amanda had brought some dressier clothes with her as she was not sure what she would need and they all went their separate ways to get dressed. Jon followed her to her room and she threw him a questioning look.

“I don’t have a shower in my room” he pouted.

“Alright, but give me a few minutes to myself first, okay?”

“No problem. Just give me a call when you’re ready.” He returned to his room to gather some clothes, choosing jeans and a black long-sleeved shirt. In the meantime, Amanda performed some necessary female rituals and by the time she heard Jon back in her room she called out to him that he could come in.

He could not stop the natural reaction of his body to her wet and warm in the shower, but she laughingly backed away from him.

“No way, buddy, no way…sore, overused, worn out, out of commission…”

“Okay, okay” he laughed, “I get it. Can I wash your hair though?”

She nodded and then found herself subjected to the most sensual shower she had ever experienced. His hands moved in slow motion everywhere he touched her. Nothing escaped his notice. There was not a square inch of her skin that he did not caress in an almost languid manner.

He massaged her head when shampooing it, then gently rinsed it, shifting it in his hands to get the soap out. Using his hands instead of a cloth he moved from her neck to her shoulders, rubbing a little harder on her back until she gave a soft moan, then moved to her breasts, noting their swelling as his hands rubbed the peaks. Her breathing was a bit harsher now and the trembling had increased.

More tenderly than she could have imagined he moved lower, touching her intimately but lessening the sensuality of his touch as he knew she needed some recovery time. Her buttocks, legs and feet were next and she felt deeply relaxed from his tender care, although every nerve remained on fire.

Jon meanwhile was so hard from touching her he thought his cock would simply burst into flames. His ragged breathing penetrated Amanda’s languor and she looked into eyes so full of lust and longing that she could not ignore his need. Taking the soap into her hands she lathered his chest, slowly working her way down to the area of his desire. With his hands against the tiled wall and the shower door, Jon used all of his control trying to rein in the ache.

Slowly and sensuously Amanda moved her slick hands lower, taking his throbbing shaft into a firm grip. He groaned when she slipped one hand lower, massaging, stroking, and kneading while keeping a solid hold of his pulsing member. She moved him then into the spray of the water, removing the soap from his chest and lower area. Gazing deeply into his eyes, she unhurriedly dropped to her knees. Jon was unable to move for a moment as what she was about to do began to register on his inflamed senses.

Still cupping him, she gently, almost tentatively touched her tongue to his tip. Her tongue was warm and soft and as she swirled it around the head, he dropped a hand down touching her hair. His hand ached to grab her head to control what was happening, but he instinctively knew this would be the wrong move. Taking more of him into her mouth, she began a slow licking and sucking, alternating between the two, never stopping the squeezing of his aching sac. She increased the movement of her mouth, adding her hand to the base of his cock to increase his pleasure. Jon was making jerking movements now as he felt the rushing of his orgasm, one hand moving unknowingly to grip her hair.

“Manda, Jesus, honey…oh fuck, oh FUCK!!! He groaned loudly, thrusting into her mouth as she eagerly continued to suck at his maleness. Slowing her movements in time to his pulsing she continued to hold him in her mouth as she felt him release his grip on her hair. Harsh breathing and shaking assured her she had pleased him. She gazed up his body until she saw his head was still thrown back, exposing his throat. The sight of his fulfillment rekindled her passion, even though she knew she would have to wait.

He brought his head forward and helped her stand. He gazed at her tenderly and took her into his arms, whispering into her ear, “You didn’t have to…” but she turned before he could finish.

“I know. I wanted to.”

In answer he just held her closer, his breathing still heavy.

Richie whistled when Amanda and Jon came downstairs. He eyed her and in a droll accent declared, “You look gorgeous, dahling.”

She had on a pair of dress jeans and a light peach sweater that seemed molded to her curves. She was lightly made up, her hair a riot of curls and waves. He appreciated her natural looks after exposure to so many women who seemed to put makeup on with a trowel. Her eyes shone at his declaration and she gave a little curtsey.

“Why thank you kind sir!”

Jon chuckled at their exchange and at his mellow tone Richie looked closer and saw an almost indecently sated look in his friend’s eyes. His low laugh followed them into the living room. Tico was waiting for his friends and he also gave Amanda an appreciative look.

“You’re right, chica, you clean up real nice!”

Blushing a little, Amanda laughed. “Can we all get over that little incident please?” The men nodded their agreement but with the twinkle in their eyes she was sure she was not out of those woods yet.

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  1. Opester Says:

    Okay, where are my cigarettes? I know I bought a carton... Really hot chapter!

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