John Francis - Chapter 7

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 4:51 AM
“Richie, Teek, did you guys find her yet? I want to talk to her too,” Jon shouted as he ran down the steps.

Amanda waited roughly the three minutes, tip-toed barefoot down the stairs and straight out the front door, not stopping to see if anyone was around. Richie was standing almost entirely in the kitchen talking to Jon and Tico, but the slight flash he saw as the front door closed was enough information for him.

A few moments later, the big door opened and Amanda came inside, pretending to breathe a little heavily as if she had been walking around the grounds. She followed the voices into the kitchen and saw the three men standing there. All three turned to look at her. She made her eyes look at only two.

“Hey, guys! Was somebody calling my name?, she asked.

“Yeah,” Richie answered, “we were wondering where you were.”

“Oh, just out walking around”, Amanda explained, “I just wanted a few minutes to myself.”

Dammit! She could feel his eyes burning into her, willing her to look at him. Was he crazy? One look into those eyes and she would be lost. Again.

“Well, darlin’ girl”, Richie smiled, “Tico and I dragged our asses out shopping for you. The least you can do is look.”

She was stunned. “You went shopping for me? Why?”

“Well, after Jonny boy here puked all over you, it seemed the right thing to do.”

Her gaze swung at the mention of Jon’s name and fuck, just as she knew would happen, she was lost. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from him and like a beacon her nipples stood at attention in Richie’s shirt. This was not unnoticed by the men.

Jon tried to stop it, he really did, but his gaze devoured her. He saw her nipples straining inside the t-shirt and swore he could see her breasts swell before his eyes. Amanda hitched in a breath, but managed to turn it into a cough and asked chokingly “water?” Tico immediately grabbed her a bottle of water from the fridge.

Richie just stared, then turned his head to look at Jon. Jon’s gaze was following Amanda, so Richie got a nice long look. Yep, Jonny boy needed bigger pants.

Amanda gratefully drank the water Tico handed her, hoping it would cool other things. She was gonna need to wash these sweats before she gave them back to Richie as she could not seem to stop…well, being wet. He had to stop looking at her or she had to stop looking at him. She tried to get herself under control, not realizing that these were all experienced men who could actually sense her arousal, as well as see the evidence of it under her shirt. Two of the three tried to get their minds off what they were seeing, while the third used all his will power not to throw her over his shoulder, carry her to a bedroom, and bury himself inside her.

A minor awkward silence seemed to fill the kitchen until Amanda asked, “Do you guys think I could get anything to eat?” All three began moving at the same time at her question, one opening a cupboard, one the fridge, and the other looking in a freezer. Their movements, so instantaneous yet so synchronized, made her burst out laughing.

“Really, guys, I’m not THAT hungry!” Her giggle was infectious and all three started to grin at her and each other. She carefully avoided one set of eyes.

She was making him crazy! Jon thought. She refused to look him in the eyes and he found himself exuding even more of his natural charm to try and get her to glance at him. Several times she almost slipped, but she studiously avoided any contact with his eyes.

Richie and Tico glanced surreptitiously at each other, wondering at the change in Jon from yesterday to today. He finally caught one of their looks and snapped, “What? My fuckin’ hangover’s gone!”

Amanda coughed again which made Tico even more suspicious and he quickly glanced at Jon. Jon’s eyes never left her face, except when it dropped lower to check out the prominent nipples poking through Richie’s t-shirt. Tico was a sexual man in his own right. He had noticed. So had Richie. They finished their meal amidst much laughter and not a little sexual tension.

After eating, Amanda eagerly went into the living room to see what those two characters had bought her. She opened bags and pulled out camisoles, tank tops, shorts, shoes, and a few basic toiletries. The bags were empty when she started laughing again, her husky voice again slightly tightening two groins this time and making a third ache even more.

“No underwear, guys?”

Tico and Richie grinned sheepishly at each other and pointing at the same time she heard “I thought you were getting those!?”

Jon just uttered a barely registered growl in his throat. It was so low only Amanda actually heard it. She again felt evidence of her arousal and knew there was no way Richie was getting these sweatpants back without a washing.

“Well, if it’s okay with you Tico, as I understand this is your house, do you mind if I use your shower before I change?”

“No problem, chica, mi casa, su casa.”

She gathered up the clothing items and moved to the stairs. She could feel Jon’s eyes burning into her back. Halfway up the stairs, out of the sight of Richie and Tico, she sent him a message with her eyes. Come to me it said. Jon could not refuse.


  1. Hathor Says:

    The guys' obvious discomfort at this aroused woman in their misdt was hysterical. I can see them all bumbling around in the kitchen, looking fofr a distraction lol. And "no underwear, guys?" had me in stitches. Why did I know they would "forget" that? lol

  2. Opester Says:

    “No underwear, guys?”
    Gotta agree with Hathor here-I loved this comment and the whole set up and description of the scene! It was just so comical to imagine it-great job-the characters really come to life here!

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