John Francis - Chapter 39

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 3:10 PM
Amanda’s eyes had a strange look to them and both he and Richie were looking at her, trying to gauge her expression. They looked back and forth, both shrugging shoulders, and finally Amanda couldn’t hold it in any longer, she roared with laughter.

“It’s December, guys…” she grinned wolfishly. They nodded at her, they knew what month it was.

“I live in Florida…” she continued…and they nodded again, they knew this too.

She shook her head at the denseness of these two at times.

“IT’S NEW JERSEY!” she shouted, “IT’S FRICKIN’ COLD!” They still didn’t get it.

“Florida…coldest it gets is in the high 30’s…maybe three days a year.” More nodding, no understanding.

“Oh my God! Am I speaking English here?” she razzed them. They nodded, yes English.

“Okay, words of one syllable then…I DON’T HAVE ANY COLD WEATHER CLOTHES!” She could not possibly roll her eyes any higher.

Jon then grinned his own wolfish smile at her.

“Baby, you don’t need any clothes…” his leer growing.

“I don’t think they’re going to let me on the plane naked, Jon. And you, Sambora, not one word, you hear me?”

Richie backed up, shaking his head that no, not one word was going to come out of his mouth. His eyes twinkled though and he figured it was a whole lot of fun that Jon had his hands full with this one. She wouldn’t let him get away with any shit without giving him full measure right back. He thought it was good for Jon to have someone in his life, other than the guys in the band, who didn’t kiss his ass. He planned on keeping those thoughts to himself…at least for now.

Jon finally got it then. “This is a ploy for me to take you shopping again, isn’t it?” he grinned at her.

“I can shop for myself, thanks, but I can’t wear jeans and a t-shirt outdoors in December in New Jersey.”

“Ok, let me make a few phone calls and then we’ll go get some things.” He stopped then. “They do SELL warm clothes here don’t they?”

“Yeah, Wal-Mart always has stuff available.”

Richie raised his eyes at Jon at her ‘Wal-Mart’ comment and Jon just shook his head, telling Rich to let it go.

Amanda joined Richie watching the movie while Jon arranged for tickets and a limo to be waiting for their arrival. After roughly a half hour, everything was in place and he returned to the living room.

“Ok, I’ve been thinking. We need to get Amanda’s car outta hock and go get her some warm clothes. She probably needs to get some stuff from her house and then we need to come back here and pack. Teek already knows we’re gonna take off tomorrow and lock things up for him.”

“I’ve seen this movie a hundred times, mind if I tag along?” Richie questioned them.

“Nah, let’s roll though.”

They returned to the police department where there was a minimal staff as it was now almost 7 at night. Jon made payment arrangements, scowling down Amanda when she tried to pay. He also arranged for someone from Tico’s staff to get Amanda’s car and return it to her house.

That business taken care of, he directed Amanda to take them to the nearest mall.

Still thinking Wal-Mart, she told them there was no mall with a Wal-Mart. Jon just said, “Mall!” They made their way to The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, about 15 minutes north of Palm Beach. Parking at Saks, Jon and Richie donned baseball caps and sunglasses as the three entered the department store.

Amanda laughed a little as they put on their disguises. “Not sure the whole “I’m not a rock star” is working for you boys.”

“Hey,” Richie flashed his grin at her, “we’re good at this as long as Kidd over there keeps his pearlies under wraps!”

“Fuck you, Sambora” was the mumbled response from “The Kidd”.

“I really can do this alone guys. Jon, there’s a Starbucks over there in that corner.” She tried to direct him that way.

“Didn’t we have this discussion before, Manda?” he asked her softly.

“Okay,” she grumbled mildly, “but don’t think you’re always going to get your way.” She heard Richie sniggering behind them and turned her scowl on him. “Listen, Richard,” she spoke low, “just because you’re bigger than me…” and she made a poking motion again. He backed up a few steps and she wasn’t sure, but she thought she heard something mumbled about “need to get some body armor…” before he turned completely innocent eyes her way.

She turned to Jon and halted him with a hand on his chest. “We’re picking the oldest woman here to help us, got it buddy?” before she turned dismissively to search for the oldest salesclerk. Jon laughed softly and told Richie what had happened the other day and what Amanda had done to put that woman in her place. They both laughed.

Jon and Richie oversaw all her purchases and she really did need their help as she had not been in northern weather for more years than she could remember. As the pile grew, she tried to explain that she only needed one coat for heaven’s sake. They just shook their heads at her and as they seemed to be having such a good time just being normal guys she let them have their way. Jeans, dress pants, warm socks, boots, hats, gloves, scarves, coats, sweaters, and more were gathered together.

All three had their arms laden with clothing as they approached a service desk. The woman who had been helping them was thrilled with her potential sales commission and kept showing the men more and more items.

“We need suitcases too,” Jon informed her and they moved onto that department. A matching set of luggage was picked out, even though Amanda stressed she had a few bags. He gave her a grin and a “hush” look and finally they were ready to check out. As they approached the counter, both men heard an “oh shit!” mumbled by Amanda. Looking around to see the problem, they realized that a woman probably in her late 30’s or early 40’s was at the counter helping another customer.

Amanda hissed to Jon, “let me pay, okay?”, but he just grinned at her and whipped out a credit card. She turned away and buried her face in Richie’s shoulder. Jon thought she was upset until he saw her shoulders shaking with laughter. Jon acted very casual as the woman prepared to ring up the massive amount of clothing and accessories, knowing from experience that either she would go nuts when she saw the name on the card or she would act professionally. He saw the older woman who had been helping them all along gently take the card from the other woman before she saw the name and ring up the purchases herself.

Bagging all the items and returning the card to Jon, the woman who had been helping them lowered her voice and discretely said, “It was a pleasure to help you all today.” Dropping her voice even lower, she looked at them directly. “I love your music.” Richie and Jon managed to keep their jaws from dropping and both thanked her for both her complements and her discretion. Amanda also thanked her as some of her selections had been truly beautiful. “Enjoy, my dear” came the response.


  1. Opester Says:

    “Hey,” Richie flashed his grin at her, “we’re good at this as long as Kidd over there keeps his pearlies under wraps!”
    Ain't that the truth? That megawatt smile is such a dead giveaway!
    Glad this saleslady was cool tho!

  2. Hathor Says:

    I'm glad the sales lady had discretion, too LOL. Though, I would recognize those two anywhere, if they were together. Something about their chemistry and animal magnetism... Not to mention the pure raw sex they ooze...

  3. allina_90 Says:

    Shopping with two man - that's almost better than with Jon alone, but just almost ;)

    I hope Amanda won't freeze that much when she's in Jersey :p

  4. jovikitn65 Says:

    Anytime the guys wanna take me shopping I am ready lol. Jersey here we come!

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