John Francis - Chapter 50

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 2:26 PM
They awoke early the next morning for the drive. Jon had called for a limo as he wanted to provide Amanda with transportation for wherever she was going while he was in his meetings. Linda had prepared a light breakfast and they both filled travel mugs with coffee as they left the house. Settling into the limo, Jon talked enthusiastically about his co-ownership of The Soul. It was apparent he loved football and since she also was a fan, although she had never seen arena football, she vehemently defended her Miami Dolphins against his beloved Giants.

Between all the football banter and good-natured ribbing about their teams, the drive to Philly passed quickly. Arriving at the Soul offices, Jon and Amanda entered to see a crowd of people working at various tasks. As he made his way to his office, Jon could see the people who worked for him eyeing Amanda surreptitiously. He made introductions where appropriate, but could almost hear the buzz he left in his wake. He asked his secretary to come in and she brought coffee when she did so.

“Marcia, I want to introduce you to someone very special to me. This is Amanda Matthews, my girlfriend. Amanda, this is Marcia Tipton, my right hand here at this office.” The two women shook hands and Amanda smiled warmly both at meeting Marcia and at his introduction of her.

“I have some meetings today and I’d like you to provide Amanda with any information she might need about places to visit in Philly while I’m busy here.”

Marcia responded promptly. “Of course, Jon, anything she needs.”

Turning to Amanda, Jon said: “My first meeting starts at 10 and it’s only 9:15. Let me show you around a bit.”

She smiled at him. “I’d love that.”

They left the office and the sudden silence and then resumption of conversation was indication enough that the bees had been buzzing. Shaking his head, Jon showed Amanda around the various departments, always introducing her as his girlfriend, and simply by virtue of his command of his surroundings letting those who worked for him know he would not take kindly to any disrespect towards her.

At 9:50 they returned to his office where he turned her over to Marcia’s care. Smiling at Marcia, Amanda made a simple request.

“Marcia, I’m not much of a shopper, but I love to browse. Is there a good place to do that close to here?” After written directions were provided, Amanda made her way back to the entrance of the building. The limo was still there, but she didn’t even glance at it as she made her way to one of the streets.

“Excuse me, ma’am?”

Turning, she saw the limo driver looking at her with a bit of a puzzled expression on his face.


“Mr. B told me to drive you wherever you needed to go. Do you have a destination in mind?”

Looking at him a little wide-eyed, Amanda came back over to the car. “Sorry, I didn’t think. Would you mind taking me to this address?” She handed the directions over to the driver.

“No problem, ma’am, it’s not far.” He opened the back door for her and she started to get in. Stopping in mid motion, she turned to him.

“Um, I’m sorry, I don’t know your name and I don’t know how to reach you later if you are supposed to drive me back?” She offered her hand to him. “I’m Amanda Matthews.”

“I’m Alex. Pleased to meet you, ma’am.”

“Amanda, please.”


Alex drove her to the district where Marcia said there were good places to browse and then gave her his cell number to contact him later. She got out and started walking the area, enjoying the architecture and the difference of a northern city versus a southern one. As she walked, her mind turned frequently to Jon and she realized she didn’t know what time he would want her back. Then she realized that she not only didn’t she have the number to the Soul office, she didn’t have Jon’s cell number. They hadn’t been apart since meeting and had never needed to call the other’s cell. She had been with him for ten days, made love more times than she could count, and she didn’t have his damn cell number. She didn’t think she could be more embarrassed. She was wrong.


“Hey hon, how ya doin’? Tell me I don’t have to drive like a maniac again.”

She laughed softly at that. “No, no, but thank you so much for your help with that. I…uhm…I’m calling for a different reason.”

“Sambora’s Hotline at your service. What can I do for you love?”

Taking a deep sigh she told him where she was and where Jon was. “Richie…oh my God, this is too embarrassing…”

“What’s the problem, angel?”

Mumbling now, she said: “I don’t have his cell number.”

She heard a bark of laughter and then he did it, made her repeat herself. “Sorry, didn’t get that, what did you say?”

“I said I don’t have his cell number, dammit!”

She actually had to hold the phone away from her ear as his howls of laughter just grew in volume.

“Richie…Richie!…RICHARD!!!” She finally got through to him.

Still laughing, he asked her if Jon had her number. Grumpily, knowing now what was coming, she answered loudly ‘no!’. Again, laughter filled her phone. Finally controlling himself enough, he gave her Jon’s cell number.

“Hey, babe, we’re gonna see you Wednesday at the concert meeting, right?”

“I think so…if I let you live that long!”

“Excuse me, did I or did I not just save your ass?”

She giggled. “Ok, ok, two saves in a week, thanks Uncle Richie!”

“Talk to you later, babe.”

“You too, sweetie. Say hi to your mom for me please.” She hung up as Richie got busy sending a text message.


  1. Hathor Says:

    hahahahaha, she doesn't have his number. Richie is such an ass :) I love that about him heeeheee

  2. jovikitn65 Says:

    Can I have Jon's cell number? Or should I call Sambora's hotline first lol. I have a feeling Richie is going to give Jon shit for a long time to come on this.

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