John Francis - Chapter 43

Monday, April 28, 2008 at 11:29 AM
They landed at roughly 4 pm, Richie having slept the entire way much to the dismay of the female flight crew. It seemed all the working females on board had managed to find a reason to come to First Class to take a look at the two rock stars. Jon was pretty much left alone as he never took his hands off Amanda. He was touching her knee, her shoulder, her face, kissing her, cupping her cheek, and (she thought to herself giggling), generally marking his territory. Or making sure it was known he was off limits.

They were quickly ushered off the plane before the other passengers and into a private gate for VIPs. All of this was new to Amanda and she made big eyes at the special treatment afforded the three of them. Richie had finally slept enough that his hangover was completely gone and he grinned wickedly at her wide-eyed looks at what they had become so accustomed to. Draping his arm around her shoulder, he gave her wide eyes back and she squinted at him threateningly.

“Now, darlin’, you didn’t really bring that wooden spoon, did ya?” he grinned.

She returned her own wicked grin and reaching into her bag, she pulled out the spoon she had filched from Tico’s kitchen. His roar of laughter made Jon turn around to see what had happened and seeing the spoon in Amanda’s hand, he threw back his head laughing as hard as Richie. Amanda calmly put the spoon back in her carry-on and threw Richie her best “school marm” look.

“Just don’t provoke me, Richard…” she told him in a scolding tone.

Richie grinned even further and shooting a look at Jon, couldn’t resist.

“Hey, bro’, if she finds another use for that spoon, I ain’t making any promises.”

“Man, if she finds another use for that spoon, I ain’t tellin’…” Jon grinned wickedly in return.

Amanda blushed furiously then, getting the reference and remembering Jon’s hand on her ass during one of their lovemaking sessions. Jon saw her blush and his full smile and the light in his eyes told her he remembered every bit of that encounter too. Laughing, they exited to where a limo was waiting, their luggage already loaded.

“You’re staying with us, right man?” Jon asked Richie.

“Yeah, since I sold my house here, but first I’m gonna go visit my mom. She’s been having it a bit rough since dad died.”

“Oh, Richie, I’m so thoughtless! I should have told you how sorry I was about that,” Amanda cried out.

“Thanks, babe. It was really rough there for a while with everything that happened, but it does ease a bit with time.”

With Jon and Richie pointing out different local sites to Amanda, the ride to Richie’s mother’s house passed quickly and soon they were exchanging hugs and Amanda got to meet his mother. She was a lovely woman and it was apparent how much she adored her big strapping son. Mrs. Sambora also engulfed Jon in a hug and looked at him carefully. They chatted while Richie showed Amanda where she could freshen up for a moment.

“You have a new girl there, son?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am, I sure do,” he smiled at her.

“I like her, Jon. She’s different. She’s…” Mrs. Sambora struggled for a moment to find the right word.

“She’s real,” Jon supplied.

“Yes, that she is. Does she know what a ride she’s in for with you?” she asked in a determined response.

“Momma S, she’s not along for a ride. I’m keeping her.” Jon said as he turned his megawatt smile on Richie’s mother, who swatted him on the shoulder.

“Don’t turn that charm on me. If it doesn’t work for my son, it’s not going to work for you!” she scolded him. “You be good to her, Jonny.”

“I will…and I know you too, you’ll be dragging all sorts of details outta Richie, so don’t think you can charm me either!” He picked her up in his arms to swing her around. She laughed at her “other” son’s antics. Richie and Amanda returned to their laughter and a warm hug good-bye from Mrs. Sambora.

Settling back into the limo, Amanda grinned at Jon. “Is there is a single woman on the planet you can’t charm?”

“Oh yeah, Richie’s mom and my own…they never let me get away with anything!”

“Better add me to that list, buddy, I’m working hard at resisting your charms!” she grinned her reply.

“Oh really?” he cocked an eyebrow at her, “you’re gonna resist my charms?”

Folding her arms firmly over her chest, she gave a determined nod and said, “Yep!”

In the fastest movement she had seen from Jon yet, he grabbed her legs, flipped her on her back on the seat and moved between her thighs before she had even taken a full breath. His hardness pressed against her softness and he pinned her hands above her head, grabbing a handful of hair for good measure.

“Jon!” He heard her hoarse cry. She turned to look at the driver, but the glass was up. Jon reached for the barrier lock with one hand, still holding her down, and grinned evilly at her. He began unbuttoning her shirt and she struggled against him, although in truth she wasn’t trying very hard. He popped the clasp on her bra and his mouth moved to one of her nipples. She gasped and arched, warmth immediately filling where his hardness was pressed against her. He nuzzled both breasts, feeling her respond to him, gradually loosening his grip on her hands which immediately rose to grab his hair and pull him even closer to her.

Fire roared to life as both moved to get rid of enough clothes to consummate their raging need. Amanda’s pants were removed, Jon’s dropped enough to expose that gorgeous ass where Amanda could dig her hands and nails in to pull him closer. Her moan as he entered her in one harsh demanding thrust was muffled by his mouth on hers as he rode her frantically. Their mating was almost wild in its demand of the other and by the time both had crested there was only ragged breathing and the pounding of two hearts against the other.

They lay there for a few moments, stunned at the need that had swept over them both.

“Oh my God, I wish you could know how it feels to be inside you.” Jon’s passion filled voice filled her ears.

“I wish you could now know it feels to have you inside me,” was her equally hoarse response.

They heard the driver announcing they would be at Jon’s home in ten minutes and they quickly dressed and composed themselves as best they could. Nothing could hide the flush of Amanda’s face though, or the sated look in Jon’s eyes.

They pulled up to the gated drive where Jon punched in his code and the gates swung open. A few moments later Amanda got a look at the place Jon called home. Her eyes were wide. Her entire home would fit in his garage. The driver helped them take the bags inside and inquired if Mr. Bon Jovi would need his services any further that evening.

“No, Chuck, we’ll be staying in tonight. I’ll call again when we need you. Thanks for everything man,” as he discretely tipped the driver.

Taking Amanda’s arm, he brought her back into the main foyer and sweeping her into his arms, he said huskily, “Welcome to my home, my love. Thanks for coming with me.”

“Thanks for asking me. I’m…sorta stunned here, Jon…” she gestured around her.

“You’ll get the full tour, I promise, but right now I have to let my housekeeper know I’m back so she doesn’t get any surprises.” He pulled out his cell and speed dialed Linda, the woman who had been there almost since he had bought this house. Amanda heard him say, “Okay, sweetie, see you in a few minutes.”

“She’s coming now?” Amanda asked a little shakily, hearing rapidly approaching footsteps.

“Mr. B, welcome back!” the sixty-ish woman replied came with genuine warmth.

Jon swept her up in a hug. “What have I told you, Linda, it’s Jon…”

“Sure thing, Mr. B.” He laughed at her tart response. Her eyes moved to Amanda.

“Amanda, I would like you to meet the woman who makes my crazy life run a lot more smoothly. This is Linda.” He smiled at the two women.

Extending her hand and with a warm smile on her face, Amanda replied, “I’m so pleased to meet you, Linda.”

Linda met her hand with a firm grip of her own and turning to Jon, she remarked cryptically, “It’s about damn time!” Jon shook his head at her and she returned his mild rebuke without a bit of worry. Turning to them both, she asked, “Dinner in tonight?”

“Yeah, we had an early flight. Do you have a few snacks before dinner later?” he smiled at her winningly.

“You and your stomach…don’t know why there isn’t an extra inch on you the way you eat…” she mock grumbled at him.

“Linda!” came his bark of laughter.

“Go on with you now, get your lady settled in. I’ll let you know when there is food ready.”

Jon kissed her cheek and she shushed him away. “Go! You know that doesn’t work with me!”

Amanda laughed out loud then. “Another one who doesn’t fall for your charms, Jon?”

Linda looked at her and grinned. “I don’t work for ‘rock stars’, I work for people.”

“Oh, Linda, I do hope we’ll be friends. I like you already,” was Amanda’s warmhearted response.

Giving her a look full of unspoken meaning, Linda nodded, “I think we will honey,” and then she moved off as quickly as she had arrived.

Jon looked at Amanda with amazement. “Holy Hell! How did you do that? You already won her over!”

“I think she’s great, Jon, you’re really lucky to have her.”

Pulling her into his arms, he kissed her softly, “Nah, love, I’m lucky to have you.”


  1. Opester Says:

    “Don’t turn that charm on me. If it doesn’t work for my son, it’s not going to work for you!” she scolded him. “You be good to her, Jonny.”
    I can picture this too-knowing him for all these years, she's wise to his tactics, hehehe. Poor Jon, you just can't charm these moms quite as easily!

  2. allina_90 Says:

    Your story is really great! I love reading it! =)

  3. jovikitn65 Says:

    I love Linda lol!

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