John Francis - Chapter 28

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 4:50 AM
Taking Tico’s car again, they stopped for breakfast at a local restaurant. It was early so there were very few patrons. Jon actually managed to escape detection this time as almost everyone there was elderly and quite obviously out of his fan base. Over coffee and the usual breakfast fare, he told her a little more about the charity that night.

“…so, what usually happens is that I have to make the rounds, talking with some of the people there, but it will be less than usual as this isn’t my gig, I’m just one of the guests.”

“It’s okay for you to bring a guest, right?” she worried.

“Honey, I’m Jon Bon Jovi, remember? I’m expected to bring a guest.” He laughed at her expression. “You really do forget, don’t you?”

She felt embarrassed, but admitted, “Yeah, I do. I’m sorry.”

He caught her face in his hand with great seriousness. “Don’t EVER apologize for treating me like a man, not a rock star! Do you have any idea how much it means to me that you joke with me, give me shit, tease me, and generally just treat me like a normal man? My God, Manda, I could love you for just that alone!”

The widening of her eyes made him hear what he had just said. He closed his eyes against the rush of feelings that were swirling inside him, then opened them to see her staring down at the table, her hair having fallen forward to hide most of her face.

“Manda…” he started, but then stopped as he saw a tear fall to the table. He knew it then, he knew she loved him too. A roaring filled his head and his heart as all the missing pieces of his life fell into place and he was filled with an unwavering certainty.

“Amanda, look at me” he spoke huskily. She shook her head no. “Amanda” he said again and the use of her full name spoken twice made her raise her head. She looked at him then and his smile was full of tenderness.

“I know what you think I just said, but let me say it more clearly. I love you.”

Her eyes had closed at his voice and she was softly shaking her head from side to side, tears now coursing down her cheeks. He looked around and saw they were being ignored by the few other customers. He moved from his side of the booth to hers, seeing her stiffen at his approach. He leaned toward her to speak into her ear.

“Amanda, I love you.” She still continued to shake her head. He reached out to stop her by the chin and whispered even more softly, “I love you”.

She tried to resist him. She tried not to hear him. She tried to stop her heart. She failed.

Without opening her eyes, she whispered back to him, “I love you too.” He felt a great weight lift and asked her gently, “Tell me again”.

“I love you.”


“I love you, dammit!” Her emotions rising.

“Good! ‘Cause I love you, dammit!” He gently teased her.

Her tears slowed and taking a deep breath she started, “But Jon…”

“No,” his voice firm with resolve. “We aren’t going to do that. We aren’t going to sit here and give a bunch of reasons why not.” He turned her face towards him.

“Do you love me?” he asked, looking deeply at her.

“Yes, I don’t know how it…” she tried.

“Amanda!” he stopped her, “Do you love me?”

Her eyes misted with tears again and she realized that what he needed to hear and what she needed to say was that she loved him without reservations. She took a deep breath.

“Yes, I love you” she stated more decisively.

He kissed her softly then and she responded with equal gentleness. Her aching heart, the one she had lived with for a year, began to unfold from where it had been hidden. His heart, locked deep inside, felt as if it was released from a prison. They sat quietly, enjoying each others company, simply exchanging soft kisses whenever one looked at the other.

Two different people got up from that restaurant table. They exited the restaurant and walked to the car. He opened the door for her, but didn’t release her. She turned to look at him and saw the deep blue of his eyes that somehow seemed changed from earlier that morning. He drew her into his arms, heedless of the passersby, and kissed her thoroughly. Dropping back finally, he grinned crookedly.

“So, now the shopping, right?”

His move into normalcy brought her natural good humor back and she smirked at him playfully.

“Oh yeah, LOTS of shopping!”

He groaned dramatically. “Okay, lead on.”

Amanda stopped suddenly and a look of almost desperation came over her face.

“Uh, Jon?”

“Yeah, babe?”

“I’ve never shopped on Palm Beach,” she stated quietly.

“What? Don’t you live here?” he asked with surprise in his voice.

“Well, yeah, of course I live here, but Jon, this is Palm Beach…” she trailed off, trying to get him to understand.

“Okay…it’s Palm Beach…and that means…?” his expression was full of puzzlement.

“Palm Beach, Jon, rich people, expensive stores, mega-bucks…Palm Beach, get it?” she supplied.

“But didn’t you say your husband had provided for you?” he was truly puzzled now.

“Well, yes, of course, but … I just use that money for basic expenses. It’s in a bank, I usually don’t use more than the interest.” She explained.

“You mean you didn’t do anything for yourself with it?” he asked, starting to understand now.

“Well, I joined a gym” she offered.

Nodding now in complete understanding, he laughingly flashed his famous smile at her. “Ooh honey, then we are in for some fun! Get in the car!”


  1. Opester Says:

    I'm sorry, but I'd be lying if I didn't agree that this is just as much a fantasy as anything else-a man who wants to take you shopping and buy you clothes!!!!!! and JBJ, no less! Hell, I'd be happy if my boyfriend just took me to Walmart once in a while!!!!!!!
    Okay, but on to other matters...glad they finally admitted their love-both to themselves and to each other. Sometimes those amazingly intense feelings that erupt so quickly are just an indication of a deeper connection they haven't even discovered yet!

  2. allina_90 Says:

    I want to go shopping with him too. That's unfair =/ :p

    Yeah, well, my God, he's such a great man *dream of him...* ^^

  3. JohnnaJovi Says:

    OMG! Amanda and Jon admitted their Love to each other and I think I am going to cry!

    What a well written Chapter!

  4. jovikitn65 Says:

    The declaration of " I love you's" in the restaurant brought tears to my eyes. I could visualize the entire encounter in my mind with every word spoken between them. Damn good stuff!

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