John Francis - Chapter 42

Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 9:38 AM
Amanda was waiting in bed when Jon came into the room. She gave him a warm and inviting smile, turning back his side of the covers so he could come to bed with her. He held up a “one minute” finger and made his way to the bathroom. He returned to her quickly, sliding next to her warmth, wrapping his arms around her and breathing her in. She buried her face in his chest, also taking in his scent. Slowly and gently he touched her and their lovemaking before sleep left them contented and secure.

The blaring of the alarm woke Amanda and Jon at 7:30 Saturday morning and they both groaned. She snuggled closer to him for a moment and then with an impish grin announced she got the shower first. Binding him in the bedclothes, she scrambled out and rushed into the bathroom as Jon’s curses sounded behind her. Laughing to herself, she grinned at her narrow escape, knowing that if he got his hands on her they would definitely be late for the plane!

Jon entered the bathroom soon afterwards as she was completing shaving. Maybe I should go for a wax job came the sudden idea, this damn shaving every day is getting old! She thought that perhaps she could find the time in New Jersey to have it done, although she really didn’t want to ask Jon where to go. Hell, I know how to use a phone book, she thought. She knew this wasn’t a big deal to a lot of women, but for her it would be a first. No full wax, she grrr’d under her breath, damn if I’m gonna look like a 12 year old. Then she gave a small giggle as Jon didn’t seem to mind that she had womanly looks.

The limo was waiting as a grumpy Richie slumped against the wall as they came downstairs. He already had sunglasses on even though he was still in the house and a small giggle escaped Amanda at his obvious distress. He lowered the glasses on his nose enough to give her a look that told her the pool was close enough to throw her in if she so much as uttered one word. Shaking her head “no” she and Jon brought the rest of the bags down.

After loading the car, they settled back for the short ride to the Palm Beach International Airport. No sooner had the car doors shut than Richie groaned and leaned his head back.

“Fuck! I need coffee! he moaned.

“I know there’s a Starbucks at the airport” Amanda offered helpfully.

“Thank God!” he mumbled and a few moments later they heard soft snores.

She glanced at Jon in amazement and he laughed quietly, telling her Richie could sleep any time and anywhere. They spoke softly so as not to disturb him, with Jon telling her a bit about his home and where he lived.

“…after the divorce Dot wanted to move somewhere a bit smaller, even though I told her she could keep the house where the kids had been growing up. I figure Eric didn’t want to live there, so she found a place and moved about ten minutes away.”

She took his hand in hers. “It must be really hard going back there under those circumstances, but I would imagine the kids appreciate coming to see you and having their old rooms waiting.”

“Yeah, I know it, but it still sucks,” he shook his head, “I fucked up bad with Dot, Manda, I…” he trailed off, not knowing quite what to say.

Squeezing his hand with hers, she smiled at him. “Jon, you only have to tell me what you want to, okay?”

“I know that, babe, but I want to share things about my life with you. It helps that you’re giving me the time to do it in my own way.”

“Jon, there is still so much we don’t know about each other. I know more about you than you do about me, although I admit my life has not been quite as exciting as yours!” came her soft response.

“Hey! Shit! That reminds me, do you have a passport?” he asked suddenly.

“No, never needed one. Why?” She wondered.

Jon was already on his cell talking to his assistant, telling her to get the papers together for Amanda to get a passport as soon as possible.

“Jon! Why do I need a passport?” she demanded in a whisper so as not to wake Richie.

“Because honey, where I go, you go,” she heard his determined voice.

“Oh really?” she laughed. “That might cause a problem in the men’s room!”

Before he could answer the driver informed them they were at the gate for departures and a sudden flurry of activity ensued. Their luggage was handed over to curbside check in and a few moments later an airline employee came rushing through the automatic doors.

“Mr. Bon Jovi?” the man asked, looking at Jon.


“We need to get you through security and onto the plane prior to the other passengers, so if there is any way we could proceed…” the man trailed off, not wanting to have a pissed off celebrity complaining about him.

“Rich – move it man! Gotta get on the plane!” Jon elbowed Richie in the ribs to get his ass in gear.

“I need fuckin’ coffee, man, like NOW!” Richie grouched.

Jon turned to the airline rep, reading his nametag, “Mark, can we stop at the Starbucks on the way to the plane?”

Looking at his watch which now showed 9:30, Mark asked if he could get them to the plane and bring their coffee to them. Jon understood that passengers would be boarding in moments, if they weren’t already, and nodded. As they walked through security, Jon rattled off coffee orders as the man took quick notes.

Both Richie and Jon were wearing their baseball caps and sunglasses, but their clothing and their mere presence still screamed “sex on legs”. Even unrecognized for who they were, Amanda noticed the lingering looks following the men as Mark hurried them to the plane. The main cabin curtain was closed for a moment to allow the three to enter First Class and Amanda gasped a little at the spaciousness of the accommodations. Knowing the cramped conditions behind them, she laughed a little and whispered to Jon.

“THIS I could get used to…” she giggled.

“Good! You’re gonna need to…” Jon replied cryptically.

Richie sprawled out in the aisle seat across from Jon and Amanda, where Jon had urged her to take the window seat. As soon as their butts hit the seats, flight attendants were fawning over both Richie and Jon, offering drinks, breakfast, coffee, and probably their phone numbers, Amanda thought feeling a little grumpy herself. Jon’s hand curled around hers and brought it to his lips to kiss. She curled her head against his shoulder, feeling warm inside that he had seen through her insecurities to calm them down.

A much-harried Mark brought Starbucks to the three a few minutes later. Richie curled around his coffee like it was plasma and actually groaned. Jon and Amanda sipped theirs and laughed softly. Richie’s shades were again lowered slightly to glare at them. Amanda smiled sweetly at him and in a soft voice whispered across the aisle.

“I brought that wooden spoon…” She then burst into laughter at the widening of his eyes before the shades went back up and the shaking of his head began.

About an hour into the flight Jon excused himself to use the bathroom. It was at the front of First Class, a few rows ahead of where they were sitting. Amanda saw one of the flight attendants following Jon with her eyes and when he came out of the bathroom, she was artfully blocking the aisle. Whatever words were spoken were so quiet Amanda couldn’t hear them, but she saw Jon shake his head no, give the woman a small smile instead of his megawatt one, and move around her to return to his seat. She waited to see what, if anything, he would tell her.

He gave a small chuckle before telling her sotto voice, “At least that one took no for an answer gracefully.” She looked at his questioningly. “It happens, baby, some people thing I’m public property and they’d be happy to notch their belt with a rock star. I outgrew that shit a long time ago.” She smiled at him then, his honesty helping to build a further trust in their relationship.

They settled back, Jon again talking about his home and what they would be doing in Jersey. He also told her he wanted to see his kids as much as possible and at her soft “I would be surprised if you didn’t”, he smiled.

“I have to talk to Dot more too. I told her about the pictures she might see from the Habitat function we went to, but I have to let her know more about you.”

“Are you sure that’s the right thing to do, Jon?” she asked a little apprehensively.

“Manda, are your feelings for me going to change? Do you think mine are for you?” his gaze was strong.

“No, I didn’t expect this and wasn’t looking, but…” she began as he interrupted.

“Well, I wasn’t looking that’s for damn sure and I think I might even have expected it less than you did.” Jon interjected.

She tried again, “It’s just that it’s so new and most people would think it’s too fast for us to feel this way.”

“I know that, but I also know what I want. I knew the next morning, when you stood there shaking, not able to meet my eyes, but then you asked me to take you. I knew then I was never going to let you go.” His blue eyes were filled with emotion as he spoke to her.

She blushed at the reminder of her boldness that morning, but she regretted nothing.


  1. Opester Says:

    "Richie curled around his coffee like it was plasma and actually groaned."

    Oh, Richie, I so understand, really I do. I have often wondered myself if there was some way to mainline caffeine, or perhaps a java IV?

  2. Hathor Says:

    Hey, can't blame the flight attendant for trying...

  3. blackbird Says:

    Finally caught up!

    Dang, I just love this story!

    Just when all the good FF were coming to a close, I find this gem.

    Funny, touching and sensual.

    What more could a girl want?

    Besides that I mean.....

  4. allina_90 Says:

    Yes lady, the beginning of your story was just godly!!!

    Loved that chapter, too :p

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