John Francis - Chapter 17

Friday, April 18, 2008 at 6:08 AM
Jon and Amanda sat quietly holding hands on the ride to Tico’s, while the other two men talked softly in the front. Since the situation had changed with Jon, they were both making alternate plans for the next several days. Tico wanted to take his boat down to the Keys for a bit, while Richie wanted to fly out and see his girlfriend. Jon and Amanda listened, then both grinned as they realized they would be alone with each other.

After dinner that night, the other two went to separate rooms to make their travel arrangements, while Jon and Amanda sat on the couch softly touching hands, both feeling the warmth traveling through their bodies. Jon again felt a stirring at her touch and in hearing the slight changes in her breathing. For her part, she still trembled at his touch, wondering at the sensations he caused, the warmth his nearness seemed to bring to her, within her.

His hand traveled up her neck to cup her face, bringing her closer so his lips could touch the softness of hers. He breathed in her scent, a mixture that was particularly Amanda. He made slow love to her with his mouth, until she gave soft moans at the hands at her breasts and the kisses along her neck that were traveling down. He reached for her velvety womanly center and Amanda gave a gasp, and then a chagrined chuckle. He stopped and looked at her, a question in his eyes.

“Um…” she giggled softly, “I…ah…um…I’m a little sore.” He cocked an eyebrow at her as she hid her face in his shoulder in embarrassment. “How many times did we have sex, big guy?”

He laughed, then, “We’ve had sex once, we made love four times.”

Unexpectedly her eyes misted at his choice of words, hearing it in her head “made love”. He had seen that she had tried to keep it on a lust level, but he wasn’t going to allow her to do that.

“Would you like some wine,” he asked, gracefully letting her out of that discussion.

“That sounds wonderful! White or red is fine. I have to admit, wine is a real passion with me, although I haven’t progressed to the very dry ones yet.”

“Then I’ll choose a slightly sweeter one. You trust my judgment?” he asked.

“Yes, I trust you,” she answered and there was just a moments hesitation while they each thought about the deeper implications of that statement.

“Ok, be right back.”

Amanda stretched out a bit on Tico’s couch, curling her legs to the side and laying her head onto the back. Her muscles protested slightly at the movements, but she felt so languorous that it was wonderful to just relax a bit.

Grabbing a bottle of red he thought she would enjoy and two glasses, Jon returned to the living room. He saw her reclining comfortably on the couch and approached quietly in case she had fallen asleep. Despite the silence of his approach, she turned and smiled at him at his entry. Setting the glasses down, he opened the wine and poured. She took a small sip, made a “mmmm” sound.

“See I knew I was right to trust you. This is delicious.” She turned the bottle to read the label.

“I’m not familiar with this label,” she frowned.

“It’s from a private stock. Tico keeps a few bottles around for me.”

“You guys really take good care of each other. It’s nice to have friends like that.”

“Do you have someone you’re close to?” Jon asked, wanting to learn more about her.

“Oh absolutely! My best friend is named Susan. She and I have been friends for, oh going on 26 years now. Since high school. She’s so great, always there for me and can we talk…oh Lord, don’t get us started!” She laughed her husky laugh. “Yep, she knows ALL my secrets!”

“Secrets?” Jon asked, interested to learn more.

“Oh, no,” she laughed, “no way buddy, I’m not that easy!”

Jon smirked at her then, he couldn’t help it, and she blushed and muttered threateningly, “What arm don’t you need to use?”

He gave a full-throated laugh then as Tico and Richie both re-entered the room. The two men glanced at each other, almost not believing the change in Jon in the last few days. Both knew it was directly related to Amanda and unknown to the other each vowed to do all they could to keep her in Jon’s life.

“So, can anybody join this party?” Richie asked with a crooked grin.

“Yes!” she agreed loudly, and dramatically pointing to Jon, she grinned wickedly, “that damn coconut might have done him some good!” They all laughed then as Tico went to get a couple more glasses and another bottle of wine.

“But, Rich, man, she has secrets!” Jon semi-whined winningly.

“Secrets?” Richie waggled eyebrows at her, “Oh, yeah, let’s talk about secrets.”

Amanda laughed her low, honey-smoke laugh. “You TWO…oh excuse me, sorry Tico…” as he entered with glasses and the wine, “you THREE want to talk about secrets?”

The men looked at each other, wickedly grinning almost the same three grins, and Richie smirked at her, “We get the first question.” Amanda gaped at him, not quite believing her ears, but quickly recovered.

“Okay, but I get a question for each of you on my turn.”

They all chuckled and then agreed.

The guys looked at each other and Tico asked, “So, who goes first?”

“Me,” nodded Jon.

Richie and Tico rolled their eyes and Amanda giggled again.

“Oh, Lord,” she mumbled, “this is gonna be bad.”

Jon pouted at her and then grinned full on causing her breath to stop. “You have no idea…”

Closing her eyes and giving a deep sigh, finally realizing she did actually need to breathe, she grimaced, “Ok, let me have it, I can take it.” The silence that met her closed eyes took a moment to register. She cracked one eye open and saw all three sitting there struggling to control their faces. Jon was smirking full on and she glared at him.

“What arm was it you said you didn’t need?” she sweetly threatened.

He guffawed, “sorry, babe, that was…well…you just can’t set us up that way.”

“Ok, ok, I get it, the gutter boys…” she finally laughed.

“So…” Jon asked, grinning a half smile, “what I want to know is…did you ever have short hair?”

“That?! That’s your question?” she sputtered.

“Thought I would start slow,” he smiled.

“Yes,” she replied in relief, “in high school, a shorter “Farrah Fawcett” – ugh! So not me!”

He nodded at her while Richie and Tico grinned at her obvious relief.

“Oooh! That means it’s my turn now!” and she mischievously gave a salacious grin as she stared in turn at each man.

Now it was their turn to squirm a little and not all of the squirming was due to the possible questions she could ask. Richie thought to himself she really has no idea how attractive she is.

“Tico…” Amanda began and Tico gave a little start.

“Me? You’re gonna start with me? Remember mi casa su casa? Remember my hospitality? I went shopping for you!” He finished on a desperate note.

Amanda just shook her head, hair flying. “Tico, my question to you is…will you show me more of your art work?”

Tico let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding and gave her his biggest smile yet. “I would love to!” She nodded her thanks.

“Richie…” she turned to him with a purr in her voice.

He winced, waiting for the inevitable “so, how big is your dick question?”

“You’re supposed to be a great cook. Will you cook me something special when you return from your trip?

He gave her big eyes. “Chicken or fish?”

“Oh! Fish, please!” she pleaded.

“You’re on!” he beamed at her. In truth, even after Tico’s question, he was still astounded at what she had asked. Women always asked about his dick. Like clockwork the stupid question would come out. He very slightly shook his head, thinking shit, Jon’s definitely in trouble with this one.

Jon was sitting watching the other men answer her questions. He was thinking furiously. Where was the ‘dick’ question, the ‘how good are you with your hands’ question for Tico, the questions they were always asked about being “rock stars”. He waited for his question.

“Jon…” she began, but hesitated seeing the look of confusion in his eyes and not understanding it. “My question for you is…can we rent a motorcycle and go for a ride?” Jon nearly fell out of his chair.

“What…???” he sputtered.

“I haven’t been on a bike in 24 years. You know how to ride and I would love to go on one again. So, will you take me for a bike ride?” She asked softly.

Jon grinning like a mad man, nodded at her. “Tomorrow?” She beamed back at him, her eyes lighting up like a child.

“Ok, need a time out here. Will you all excuse me please?” she asked. They nodded and she made her way upstairs.

There was absolute silence in the room for a few moments when she left, then Richie summed up the situation quite nicely.

Looking straight at Jon, he deadpanned, “You are so fucked!”

Jon shook his head back and forth, not quite able to answer his friend.

Richie looked at Tico, who nodded and concurred, “Fucked” in a decided voice.

Jon finally stopped nodding his head long enough to repeat “Fucked.”


  1. Opester Says:

    I'm with Amanda here-that would have been my first question to Jon too! Especially now that it's bike season here!!!!!!!!

  2. Hathor Says:

    Now see, the "dick" question for Richie is a "show" question, not a "tell" question LOL. I like her keeping them on their toes. And I wouldn'd mind wrapping myself around Jon on the back of a bike... Mmmm...

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