John Francis - Chapter 49

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 at 2:37 PM
They showered and then dressed to go back out. Amanda was almost in a daze from the sexual satiation she had experienced. She had a lazy “cat that ate the canary” smile on her face and her movements were almost sensual as she put on her bra, her fingers actually lingering there for a moment in remembrance. She brushed her hair, pulling it to her to smell his scent on her.

Through a fortunate set of mirrors, Jon was able to see what she was doing and he was amazed to find himself beginning to respond again just at her simple actions. His mind could still hear the passion in her voice when he finally got her to tell him what she wanted. He doubted he would be able to stop hearing Fuck me! Please, Jon, please! Fuck me! for quite a while. He adjusted himself in his pants at the memory. He knew he better get her out of his apartment before he just kept her there for the rest of the night.

They entered the elevator again, taking it to the lobby this time. Jon nodded at the doorman, put on his ball cap and sunglasses, and they moved out onto the crowded street. Even the rushing of the people around them could not remove the smile from Amanda’s face. Jon glanced at her and saw that she was not paying as much attention to her surroundings as she had been before. He saw the little smile on her face and couldn’t resist.

Pulling down his sunglasses a little so she could see his eyes, he stopped her against a building.

“Is that smile for me?”

Pulled a little out of her sexual fog, Amanda blushed fiercely.

“I’m gonna take that as a yes.” His self-satisfied smile of bright teeth and twinkling blue eyes made her laugh.

She mumbled at him in embarrassment. “Oh just shut up.” Her face flaming even redder at his laugh.

“Come on, baby, let’s go enjoy the day…unless you’d rather…?”

She growled at him. “Odious man!” and started to stalk off, having no idea where she was going. Taking a few quick steps he caught up to her and grabbed her hand. She clasped his with hers, but the blush remained.

“Let’s go grab a bite first, okay? I seem to be hungry all of a sudden.”

Rolling her eyes at him, she motioned for him to lead on. Catching a cab, he directed the driver to take them to Elaine’s. Amanda made eyes at him, whispering “I’m dressed okay for there?” He nodded and smiled. “I know a guy...” he said in his best ‘Godfather’ accent. During the drive she remarked on the number of cabs on the streets. They seemed to outnumber the cars.

“Don’t people drive here?”

“Sure. It’s just that parking is such a hassle and so expensive that most people take the trains or buses to get here and then cab it.”

The cab driver shortly had them at Elaine’s and she exited while Jon paid. They walked into the famous restaurant where Jon removed his cap, but kept the sunglasses. Apparently he was known here as they were quickly shown a table. Jon ordered a bottle of wine he thought Amanda would like and at her suggestion ordered several appetizers. The service was excellent and they found themselves relaxing a bit of the afternoon away. He talked to her about things they could do in the city on other days as she expressed a wish to just wander a bit in a place she had never been.

They left the restaurant ready to do some walking after filling their bellies. Amanda was a little tipsy from the wine and giggled a little more than she usually did, especially at some of the hairstyles of the native New Yorkers. Jon noticed several men paying attention to her. In contrast to the high maintenance women that seemed to populate the city streets, Amanda’s minimal makeup, free flowing long hair, and casual yet elegant dress caused more than one man’s eyes to follow her as she walked by. Several tried to meet her eyes, but he noticed she didn’t even seem to see them. Jon found himself in the unusual position of actually feeling he needed to stake his claim on this woman.

During their walk Amanda smiled at Jon, giggled a lot, twirled at times to see the height of some of the buildings, and was so engaging he just couldn’t stop touching her. He held her hand, had his arm around her waist, touched her face, and kissed her every chance he got. His kisses only got him more giggles and he again noticed that even on the busy noisy street her giggles got the attention of the men around them. Damn, she has no idea of how she comes across, no idea of what others see. He was more and more thrilled that she was with him and found the easy irony in that as usually the situation was reversed. She’s good for me. I really needed someone like her…no, I need her.

The day was growing longer when Amanda finally admitted that she was getting a little tired. Jon hailed a cab and directed the driver back to his apartment. Getting his car out of the garage, they started back to his home. She turned to him in her seat, requesting coffee for the drive back. He stopped at a Starbucks and they both got their beverage of choice. They were quiet on the drive, Jon paying attention to the traffic and Amanda just soaking up what she had seen that day.

Realizing suddenly that through his various business phone calls he had set himself a pretty hectic schedule for the next few days, he thought he should give her an idea of what was coming up in the next week.

“Manda, I was thinking I should give you a heads up on my schedule for the next few days. I was thinking about it a few minutes ago and realized that unintentionally I made myself pretty busy.”

Nodding at him, she urged him to continue.

“I have to go to the Soul’s office tomorrow for some meetings then a late dinner with my business partner there. On Tuesday I’m supposed to meet with the Habitat people. Wednesday is the pre-concert meeting with the guys, and then Thursday is the show at Giant’s.”

She laughed then, “When did you plan on sleeping?”

Waggling his eyebrows at her, he grinned. “I was hoping you would help with that.”

“Oh you were, huh?”

“Yep, I actually got some good ideas today when we first arrived in the city.”

She smacked him then and blushed again. “Jesus, Bongiovi! I have never in my entire life blushed so much!”

He grinned at her. “I like it and I plan to cause more.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “Okay, so you’ve got a very busy schedule for the next few days. No problem. Tell me the plan.”

Jon started to open his mouth, but then stopped. What was the plan? He was the one who wanted to include a partner in his life, but he had never had that before. So, how did he go about doing it?

He had hesitated too long, he could feel it.

“This is a bit of a first for you, isn’t it?”

His head snapped to her at that remark. How had she known?

She laughed at his expression. “Jon, you are a very take charge guy. You hesitate that long to answer a question and I know the wheels are spinning! We aren’t joined at the hip. I am realizing more and more what a busy life you lead. I don’t expect you to try to provide entertainment every second for me. Just tell me what you would like.”

Jon was thinking furiously. What he wanted was her with him as much as possible and he was damn sure going to make that happen.

“Ok, we drive to Philly in the morning and you get some first hand experience at how boring some of my life can be.”

Amanda was also thinking hard. As much as a change as all this was in her life, it was also a change in Jon’s. She couldn’t imagine that his business associates would want his girlfriend sitting in on meetings and she didn’t want him distracted worrying about her. They really needed to talk about this.

“Jon, I think we need to figure out some sort of compromise here. I know your business people aren’t going to want your… your…” she hesitated on the word girlfriend.

“My girlfriend?” Jon supplied.

“Yes,” she sighed, “you’re girlfriend sitting in on meetings and other aspects of your business. That’s fine with me, really, there’s no problem there. I can sightsee, go to museum’s, art galleries, I promise I won’t be bored. You just need to talk to me and tell me what you would like.”

He flashed her a grateful grin. “You always going to be this easy to get along with?”

“Probably not. I have my bad days too, but over the last year I have learned not to sweat the small stuff.”

“Ok, pack for overnight as we will be late in Philly. Bring some dress clothes, as well as casual so we can do what we want.”

“Sounds great…I even have some new luggage for all that!” She shot him her own grin.


  1. Opester Says:

    This will be tough for Jon since he has never been inclined to share his plans, but rather expects everyone to fall in line behind him. I'm glad Amanda is so easy-going about it and seems to understand the intent rather than solely judging his actions, but Jon needs to start telling her about the business side of his life (and stop taking phone calls in private all the time!!!!)

  2. Lori Says:

    I just love these two together. Great story so far!

  3. Hathor Says:

    I'm glad she's not content to just let him go do his thing; that she wants to be included.

    Loving this story!

    ~ Hath

  4. willow Says:

    I'm still here and still reading. I can't comment on everything or I won't have time to read!

    "Seeing" this side of Jon is awesome. It's like being there and watching it all happen. I love how he embraces her innocence and intellegence all at the same time.

  5. jovikitn65 Says:

    This story has my undivided attention. Loving Amanda and Jon : )

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