John Francis - Chapter 6

Monday, April 14, 2008 at 8:03 PM
Richie and Tico returned to an extremely quiet home. Both looked at each other for a moment, then took their purchases into the living room. While both men had felt ridiculous buying normal clothing for a woman, they also felt it was the right thing to do.

“Too bad it wasn’t lingerie”, Tico growled, “at least that would have been interesting.”

Richie, however, didn’t laugh at Tico’s comment.

“Hey Teek, where do you think they are?” he asked with genuine puzzlement. “I know there’s no way Jon got into her bed again, so where the fuck are they?” he asked again. They started to look.

Tico headed toward the kitchen and then back to the laundry area, thinking Amanda might have gone looking for her clothes. Richie, having a little bit more intimate knowledge of his friend, headed straight up the stairs. He stopped at the room Amanda had been using, knocked, and entered after receiving no answer. She was not there. He headed for Jon’s room. The door was closed.

Slowly reaching out, he gently and silently turned the handle; it was locked. Jon never locked his door at any of the guy’s houses…unless…Richie knocked.

Two very surprised people sat straight up in a bed. Someone was pounding at a door. Unfortunately, after more than 25 years, Jon knew who was pounding.

“Jon, open this fucking door right now!” Richie growled.

Amanda turned startled eyes to him, silently pleading.

“Just one goddam minute, Rich”, Jon returned.

Amanda leapt out of the bed, grabbed the t-shirt and sweats and ran to the closet. She stepped inside and closed the door. Jon moved to the door and unlocked it. Richie practically ran in the room.

“Where the fuck is she?” He moved menacingly toward Jon.

Holding up his hands in a nonthreatening manner, Jon replied, “Who? Mandy?” Shit! he thought, A M A N D A with Richie, NOT Mandy.

“Yeah, Jon, Mandy”, Richie smirked in a sickeningly sweet voice.

“She’s not here, bro’, thought I should stay out of her way”.

“Then where is she…bro?”, Richie snarled sarcastically.

“Shit,” Jon growled, “check outside, check the kitchen, how the hell do I know?”

Richie gave him another searching looked and stalked from the room, slamming the door behind him.

Amanda stepped from the closet fully dressed, her eyes dancing with mirth. Jon’s nakedness managed to stop the mirth and return another look to her eyes. Making a “shh” motion with her finger to her lips, she silently slipped the door open, and eased out.

Returning to her room without encountering anyone, she went into the bathroom and splashed some cool water on her face. Whisker burns covered her face and neck (and hell her breasts too, she thought, for that matter). How the hell was she going to pull this off? She felt like she was 18 again, sneaking out of a boy’s room. Where was she going to say she had been? She didn’t know this house. How could she get downstairs and out…wait, another room, perhaps? Didn’t want to go back into the same room she was in last night when…Jon had entered…the room and her? Maybe…just maybe.

Jon was also racking his brain trying to find a lie that would fly, as well as figuring out when he could get Mandy back into bed again. Jesus, his dick would not behave. He had dressed after she left and either he needed bigger pants or she needed to … leave…? He paused at that thought. He didn’t want her to leave. Where the hell had that come from? He didn’t even know her yet, but knew he wanted her under him again, or on top, or – fuck, it didn’t matter, he just wanted her.

As he was thinking on one level about what the hell he was going to tell Richie, on another level he was again telling himself that he knew so little about her, other than what he had overheard when she was talking to Richie. She had lost her husband and didn’t seem like the kind to cheat on a boyfriend, so…where did that leave him? And, where did he want it to leave him? Right now, he thought, he just wanted her under him again, bucking wildly like she did when she came. He had to stop this right now! Jesus! His pants were fuckin’ tight!

Leaving his room, he knocked softly at her door. She came to the door, gazing directly into his eyes. His groin tightened again and he fought the urge to move into her room and throw her down on the bed to try to ease the ache.

“Wait about three minutes then walk straight down the stairs, out the front door and then come in again. You went for a walk on the grounds. I’ll get the guys into the kitchen.”

She nodded at him and he couldn’t stop himself, he reached for her. Their lips met and their tongues danced. He broke away first so they could try a “lie that would fly”.


  1. Opester Says:

    I like the fact that Richie is so protective towards Amanda and he has such a healthy suspicion towards Jon after all that's happened. Wonder how they're gonna pull this one off? It sounds as though the chemistry is just too palpable!

  2. Hathor Says:

    I'm just getting caught up. Damn, girl, talk about prolific writing! I'm moving on to the next bit, but wanted to give my comments first.

    I love the storyline here. It's refreshing to see a more human Jon, one who makes glaring errors in judgement, and to see Richie as the responsible one. Usually (in fic and in real life, unfortunately) it's the other way around.

    The obvious chemistry between Amanda/Mandy and Jon is palpable, and both of their reluctant submission to the desires is touching and a wonderful deviation from the norm.

    Your writing is humerous and real, and very easy to read. The scenes are descriptive, and I find myself laughing outright at some of Jon's little comments to himself. Don't get me started on Richie's "Fuck me sideways" remark; I had people on the train looking at me like I was a loon for laughing at my computer.

    I've linked your story to my "other authors" page, and hope others find your fantastic story.

    ~ Hath

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