John Francis - Chapter 30

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 4:56 AM
“Oh God, Jon, you should have seen your face!” she managed to get out.

“MY face! You are an evil, evil woman! What did you do to that poor girl?” He gasped.

“That poor girl, my ass!” she snapped back at him. “Oh, Jon, you can have a private appointment with me anytime” she mocked the clerk.

Laughing again, she grinned at him. “At least I understand now where you were coming from the first night I met you if that happens to you a lot.”

Jon shook his head, groaning, “Manda, I already feel bad enough about that! Don’t rub it in.”

She gave him a version of his own leer then and he smacked himself in the forehead. “Yeah, okay, I set myself up for that one.” He took her hand and they returned to the car.

After setting the packages in the trunk, she took his hand, pulled him to her, and kissed him warmly.

“Thank you, Jon, for taking me shopping. I really enjoyed myself with you.”

He kissed her back. “Gotta admit, it was a lot more fun than I thought.”

“Of course, I usually shop without getting groped” she pouted at him.

“Hey! That WAS the fun part!” he smirked at her.

She made to slap his arm and he again grabbed her hand before she could connect.

“I see you need another lesson.” His eyes burned into hers. Her breath caught as carnal thoughts filled her mind. He saw her pupils widen and felt himself respond. Lust blazed in her eyes and she tried to turn them downward before he saw too much.

“Too late…” he breathed, “too fuckin’ late, baby.”

The air suddenly seemed gravid with sexual desire. They rode back to Tico’s without conversation as their craving for each other grew with each mile. Screeching the car to a halt at the end of the driveway, Jon was out of the car almost before it was in park. He ran around to her side, opened the door, and pulled her from the vehicle. Taking her hand in his, he moved quickly to the front door and up the stairs.

Amanda was stunned at Jon’s actions and could barely breathe in anticipation. As he half dragged her up the stairs she felt a tightening low in her body. Every inch of her skin cried out for him to touch her. She had never felt such intense desire before in her life.

Reaching Amanda’s room, Jon whirled her in, slammed the door, and ripped the shirt off her in one continuous motion. She jerked against him, reaching for his shirt, tearing the buttons off in her haste to get it open and off him. He shrugged out of it then unclasped her bra, pulling it down enough to trap her arms behind her. Holding her tied wrists with one hand, he used the other to push a breast into his mouth. His tongue sucked hard, wrenching a cry from her, and he moved to the other one. He used the hand behind her back to catch her hair, holding her neck upwards, exposing her throat.

Licking his way from her breasts to her neck, he murmured soft sounds as his harsh breathing sounded in her ears. Releasing her bound hands, he moved to her jeans, almost jamming the zipper in his haste. Her hands moved to his chest where she sought his most sensitive areas and pulled on them, delving down with her tongue to tease them to their own peaks. Her breath was as harsh as his as he stopped his play long enough to remove his own jeans. She started to move to lie on the bed when he stopped her.

Grabbing her waist, he positioned her on her hands and knees, exposing the long line of her back and her rounded buttocks to his eyes. With his left hand he grabbed her hair in a strong hold and after making sure she was wet for him, he gave the right side of her ass a stinging slap and followed it immediately with a savage stroke into her willing flesh.

Amanda gasped at the smack and then screamed when she felt him fill her. The onslaught of his relentless strokes alternating with the sharp cracks she felt and heard had her in flames. Her hips pushed back against him as she reached to hold the sheets in her hands. She felt him move his hands from her hair to her hips and then there was his bruising grasp on her hips as he pulled her onto him with each insatiable thrust.

Jon’s thirst for her was reaching a boiling point. He felt her walls against his aching shaft and the sensation that he was bare inside her, feeling every drop of her wetness, every pull of her muscles, drove him on to new heights of pleasure. He slammed himself against her as hard as he could, driving himself with ass and thighs, hearing her moans and cries. She suddenly spasmed around him, arching her back and throwing her head wildly. Her hair brushed across the front of his groin and he felt himself explode convulsively inside her as he thrust home one more time, forcing her hips against him again and again until the pleasure finally began to subside.

Amanda collapsed on the bed, Jon on top of her as he slipped free. He moved to her side, breathing harshly, his hand gently caressing her ass where he had slapped her. He was wordless from the exquisite sensations he had experienced. It had been four and a half years since he had been inside a woman without a condom and he could not believe the difference it had made. He hadn’t quite realized it at the beach, but this time the knowledge made his body tremble with the aftershocks.

For her part, Amanda couldn’t have moved if the bed was on fire. As in any marriage, even a good one, pure lust is replaced eventually with comfort and closeness and she had not experienced anything like this in more years than she could remember. Her wantonness surprised her but felt too damn good to ignore.

A low chuckle finally roused her enough to turn her head towards Jon.

“Damn, Manda! I ain’t 18 anymore sweetie.”

She gave her own low chuckle then, glancing down at his still slightly erect shaft. “Does he know that?”

He gaped at her, then raised his hand for a swat, but she wriggled away and it turned into a tickling match. Laughing at themselves, they held the other close, enjoying the aftermath of their passion.


  1. Hathor Says:

    Holy hell, I have to remember that fan fic is NOT for work hahaha. Tha was incredible!!

    ~ Hath

  2. Opester Says:

    Awesome, just aaahhhh, awesome!

  3. allina_90 Says:

    Wow, that was, yeah, awesome!

  4. jovikitn65 Says:

    Dammit this chapter has me all hot and bothered and hubby wont be home for hours!!! Cold shower here I come : (

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