John Francis - Chapter 41

Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 9:37 AM
Packing did not go as quickly as it could have as they couldn’t seem to stop reaching out a hand to touch or pausing for a kiss. Finally, everything was ready and they wandered downstairs to see what Richie was up to.

He heard them coming down and they heard from the kitchen, “Hey, you two want a beer?”

“Yeah, sounds good, man, thanks!” Jon called back.

Bringing three beers into the living room, Richie’s devil was back.

“Manda, honey?” he asked in a sweet tone.

She turned to him, “Yes?”

“Promise me something?”

“Sure, what’s that?”

“On the plane tomorrow…” he grinned hard now, “…don’t let Jon talk you into joining the Mile High Club…”

She stared open-mouthed at him wondering where the hell he was going with this. Jon, on the other hand, knew exactly where Richie was going.

“Uh, Mandy…” Jon started.

She turned to him. “Yes?” She kept turning back and forth between the two men. She knew what the Mile High Club was, but she couldn’t imagine why Richie would bring it up.

Clearing his throat and throwing Richie a “you are so fucking dead” look, Jon pulled Amanda to him and said quietly in her ear…”You’re loud, honey!”

She gasped, turned beet red, and started looking for something to throw at Richie. He saw her looking around and got to his feet faster than she had ever seen him move. His laughter didn’t stop as she took off after him through the kitchen and out into the back yard, grabbing the wooden spoon on the way.

Jon followed, yelling “Don’t kill him, Manda, I need my lead guitarist!”

He heard in the distance “You’d better start looking for a new one!”

Suddenly he heard maniacal laughter from Richie, a scream from Amanda, and a loud splash.

Running to the pool, he saw Amanda come to the surface, hair completely covering her face, wooden spoon still clutched in one hand. Trying to clear her hair from her eyes and laughing hysterically, she managed to find the stairs out of the pool. Richie made sure to keep on the opposite side of the pool from her. He could not stop laughing as had surprised her badly by suddenly turning around to grab her as they neared the pool again and tossing her in.

Jon also couldn’t stop laughing at Amanda response. She climbed halfway out and then had to sit down on the edge as she was laughing too hard to move further.

Finally managing to settle down to hiccups, she looked Jon full in the face and grinned, waving the wooden spoon.

“I told ya Richie provokes me!”

Sitting on the couch, towel drying her hair after a quick chlorine-removing shower, she couldn’t stop the giggles that kept escaping. Richie remained a little wary on the opposite couch, but couldn’t keep the shit-eating grin off his face. Jon kept giving little jerks that meant he was trying not to bust out into a belly laugh. He also had a mile wide grin on.

She finally glared enough at the two that they tried to hide the grins, but in truth failed miserably. She gave up. They were two of the biggest kids in grown men’s bodies that she knew and she just loved them.

“What time is the flight tomorrow?” Richie managed to get out with only a slight laugh in his voice.

“10 AM. The limo will be here at 9:00. It’s a straight thru flight and I have another car meeting us there. We should be at my house by 6 at the latest, depending on traffic.”

“Well, I’m gonna have one more beer, then lock my door and go to bed.” Richie grinned at Amanda.

He heard her mumble – “…better lock the damn door…”. Jon gathered her hand in his and threw his best friend a wink.

“Come on, give it up Manda, he won tonight’s round.”

She tried to scowl at Richie, but just seeing him sitting there acting so pleased with himself after what he had gone through in the past few days warmed her heart. She walked over to him and he theatrically covered his private parts. She laughed out loud at that.

“Richie! I never threatened the family jewels!”

“Yeah, well, just being cautious. I never threw you in a pool either!”

She leaned in and kissed his cheek, moving to his ear, “I love seeing your real smile again…you can throw me in a pool anytime!”

Jon saw Richie look a little stunned as Amanda moved away and he wondered what she had said. She touched Jon’s cheek and moved up the stairs.

Richie turned his eyes on his brother as Jon asked, “What did she say to you, man? You look a little like she smacked you.”

“She said she loved seeing my real smile again, that I could throw her in a pool anytime.”

“Now you know a little more why I’m never letting her go.”

“You’ve never been that stupid, my man.”


  1. Opester Says:

    I loved this chapter! I can't even pick a quote-I loved the whole chapter! And yes, Richie would provoke an angel!

  2. Hathor Says:

    Alrighty-roo, I'm all caught up -- I know you have more waiting in the wings; I hope life isn't being to harsh with you. I love the passion and fire in this story.

    And Ope, Richie could provoke me anytime :)

  3. allina_90 Says:

    “Now you know a little more why I’m never letting her go.”

    “You’ve never been that stupid, my man.”

    I hope he won't be that stupid! She's an awesome woman with a great character!

  4. jovikitn65 Says:

    Lol talk about a bunch of overgrown kids! This chapter had me laughing so hard I woke my husband up!

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