John Francis - Chapter 31

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 10:41 AM
Amanda roused herself enough to look at the clock on the bedside table.

“Holy shit!”

“What?” Jon craned his neck around her to see a clock that said 5:30 at night.

“Holy shit!” came his answer.

They both untangled themselves and moved to the bathroom. While Jon shaved again for the evening, Amanda performed her own preparations in the shower. He entered to find her once again finishing shaving and starting to wash her hair. They were aware of the clock ticking, so they merely kissed as they traded places to complete their baths. Amanda threw her hair up in a towel and grabbed her bag of cosmetics. Ten minutes later her light application of makeup took Jon’s breath away.

“How the hell do you do that?” he wanted to know.

“I wear just what I can get away with, that’s all. If you do a heavy face in Florida you just end up having it slide off.”

He laughed then at that mental picture. “Okay, got it. No wonder you have such beautiful skin. You don’t put all that junk on it.”

She smiled at him, “Good genes. You need to thank my momma.”

“I will” he grinned at her. “By the way, when do I get to meet your momma?”

Her mouth fell open and she looked at him. “You want to meet my mom?”

“Are you my girl?” he answered her question with his own. “Amanda?”

She already knew that whenever he used her full name he was speaking more seriously, so she answered him seriously.

“Are you asking to be my guy?”

His beautiful smile met hers. “I’m asking. You and me, each other, one hundred percent exclusive, a couple.”

With light tears in her eyes, she smiled at him. “Oh, Bongiovi, how did you steal my heart?”

“I didn’t steal it, baby, I gave you mine in return.”

“That you did, that you did.”

They quickly finished dressing. Amanda wore a light rose cocktail dress that complemented her skin tone and hair. A matching beaded purse and low silver sandals completed her look. Jon dressed in black pants and matching black shirt, unbuttoned as he usually wore it. Chest hair peaked through and Amanda was glad he had allowed it to grow back.

“You look beautiful, Mandy, but there’s something missing.” He looked her up and down as he spoke.

She glanced at herself. “What? I don’t wear stockings as my legs are tan.”

“That they are and very nice legs too, I might add, but that isn’t what I meant. Close your eyes.”

She cocked her head at him, but did as he said. She felt him lift her still damp hair out of the way and settle a necklace around her throat. He closed the clasp and dropped her hair.

“Now, that’s MUCH better” he nodded satisfactorily.

She opened her eyes to see a diamond necklace with a spray of diamonds that ended above her cleavage. Her eyes widened in surprise and she turned to him as he held out the matching earrings.

“When? How?” she sputtered at him.

“The dress store next to the jewelry store, while you were trying things on.”

“Jon…you can’t…it’s too much…I don’t need…” her tongue tripped over itself.

“Amanda…AM I your guy?” he demanded again.

“Yes, but…” He stopped her with his finger.

“Then let me BE the guy, okay? Let me do things I want to do just because I want to do them, not because I have to. I already know you don’t want anything from me because of who I am, so let me do things for you because I want to. Please?”

She nodded, understanding that this man always had someone demanding something from him, even if it was just his time.

“Thank you, honey.” She whispered, bringing her mouth to his.

“You’re welcome, baby, now let’s go get some free chow. I’m a starvin’ man!”

“Well,” he heard her chuckle, “you did work a bit to get that way!”

“A bit!” he exclaimed loudly, “Jesus, woman, you need another lesson?”

Rubbing her posterior, she shook her head back and forth. “No, Sir!” She saluted him and with one more smack on her ass they were off.


  1. Opester Says:

    “I didn’t steal it, baby, I gave you mine in return.”

    Another great line! So true,too and an even trade!

  2. allina_90 Says:

    Opester already said what I was intended to. A really great line!

    Loved that part, it showed how important Amanda is to Jon =)

  3. jovikitn65 Says:

    I also agree with the posts above. I love that line, put a smile on my face. The gift of the necklace and earrings was very sweet.

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