John Francis - Chapter 8

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 4:53 AM
As Amanda walked quietly out of the room, two of the three men had not watched her, but their friend. They saw Jon’s eyes blaze and once he was sure Amanda was out of earshot, Richie quipped, “Guess she won’t be pressing charges, eh bro?”

Jon swung around to look at his friend, trying to keep his face from showing his emotions, but not succeeding as he would have liked with these two.

“She doesn’t act like a rock star fucker”, Richie pondered, testing the waters, “guess you can add another notch to your belt, right man?”

Jon’s immediate reaction startled himself. He was furious! “It wasn’t like that! Don’t cheapen it with shit like that! It was…amazing…” he trailed off now, his anger dying down as quickly as his confusion rose.

Richie cocked his head slightly, really looking at Jon now. Jon’s eyes were unfocused as he was remembering how it felt to be inside her, how she felt in his arms. Richie and Tico looked at each other and both silently left the room. Jon didn’t notice.

He felt her pull him out of the living room to the stairs. He started up, hearing the shower running. Stopping briefly in his room, he returned to hers and entered, again locking the door. He went to the bathroom where the door was not fully closed and looked inside through the clear door of the shower.

Amanda was under the spray, letting it cascade down her face and through her hair. She had the soap in her hands and was slowly lathering her breasts. Jon’s throat dried and his breath caught. His pants dropped faster than was safe and he let out a small groan when the zipper caught against his erection.

Amanda turned and again looked him in the eyes, flicking down to his groin, then back again. He opened the shower door slowly, watching her begin to breathe a little faster and when he stepped into the shower he again noted the fine trembling that seemed to happen to her when he was near her. He reached for her, gathering her into his arms, slowly bringing his mouth to hers. Their tongues played, their hands moved everywhere, and yet again Jon helped her heal.

Drying off, Amanda made to reach for some clothes when Jon’s hand stopped hers. “Stay,” was all he said. They moved into the bedroom, to the bed, where they wrapped themselves in the each other’s arms. Sleep did not come this time though and both were silent with their private thoughts.

Jon looked at her through half-lidded eyes as he wanted to really see her face. She was not a girl, but a woman with very small signs of age. Laugh crinkles showed lightly around her eyes, but less so than around his. He felt comfortable in a way he had not been for more than a year, since he had lost Dot.

This was no babbling, brainless ‘I’ve barely begun to live’ girl, but a woman. A woman he had hurt by his words and by his actions, yet she had asked for him, asked for him as only a man. He could not remember how long it had been since someone had wanted him just because he was a man, not ‘Jon Bon Jovi’.

Amanda’s thoughts were different than Jon’s. She felt a strong man’s arms around her, with her thighs intertwined with his, and she felt alive again. Jeremy had died, she had not. She needed to get on with her life if she was going to have any kind of life at all.

She thought then about the man holding her. Why did the man who brought her back to life have to be Jon Bon Jovi? She could separate the man from the legend, she had not made love to the legend, but he was who he was. She was not a fool. There was no future here.

Slowing the movements of his stroking hand, Jon touched her face to bring her eyes back to his. She was lying there, unfocused, lost in thought … Amanda turned, staring once again into Jon’s blue eyes. She gazed for the longest moment and then she started speaking.

“I was happy once,” she began, “I had a life and a love and I lost them both one year ago yesterday.”

He remembered hearing her say to Richie that the anniversary of her husband’s death was one year ago. He cupped her face gently as she continued to speak.

“I don’t know what happened to me here, with you, where that woman came from, but she didn’t exist until today.” Her voice was so low he had to strain to hear.

Jon had no idea how moved he could be from a few simple words from a woman who didn’t exist for him before yesterday. The curves of her body seemed to mold themselves to him and the words, the warmth and the comfort coming from her was genuine. She would not have been with Jon Bon Jovi – ‘Rock Star’, and that knowledge warmed Jon in more ways than even he knew yet.

Hands that were gentle became firmer with each sweep from her hair to her hip. She felt herself beginning to respond again to this man. The heat from his hand seemed to be traveling straight to her sexual center and her hips shifted lightly as if in anticipation. Jon sensed her response to him and felt himself grow firm, then firmer, then again, a feeling of exploding if he didn’t lose himself in this woman.

He caressed her breasts, licking and sucking the globes, watched her eyes watch him, watched them glaze over with the first real shimmer of longing. He moved his hand to her mound, grazing it lightly with the tips of his roughened fingers, feeling her shift to allow him access. Her hand seemed to move on its own as it firmly grasped his throbbing shaft and moved in an age-old motion.

Heat seemed to be rising from the two and their needs overrode their age, their sense, their baggage, and they came together. Jon rose to his knees, reached over to his jeans, and removed a foil packet. Her hand continued to stroke and kneed his pulsing cock as he raggedly tore the foil open and hurriedly placed it on. It took a moment as he was so hard it almost didn’t fit. Amanda gasped when she saw that, knowing he would soon be inside her. With a growl of effort, Jon got the condom on and roughly parted Amanda’s thighs. She arched her breasts up, silently begging him to take them in his hands, his mouth, anything. He obliged.

As before it was that first thrust that undid her. That first smack of balls to ass when a man doesn’t hesitate and just has to have all of himself inside you, right now. Jon felt her walls expand to receive him and then the hard clamp of her immediate orgasm.

He had learned already with her that he had to have his hands on her hips when she came or they would be on the floor and this was no exception. Hard fingers bruised her as he held on and rode her until she lay gasping and panting underneath him, purring her pleasure with low rumbles in her throat. The look of contentment on her face spurred Jon on.

She would not have just the one, she had more to give than that. The womanly curves of her body, the fine lines of her eyes, the beauty of her hair and face, burned into Jon’s brain as he again moved his hands up her body to her breasts. He leaned over then, slowing his stroke, until he was able to kiss her.

He stopped all movement when she closed her eyes, until her eyes flashed open to him and she knew that he wanted her to look at him while he took her. He wanted her to see him and to see her. She felt herself slide over that edge as the intensity of his stare and the thrust of his cock again brought her screaming into the abyss.

This woman was made to be loved, thought Jon. She needs someone…she needs…she needs…me. He almost paused in his movements just from that thought, then reason, logic, and sense shut down and he lost himself in her warmth and heat and sex.


  1. Hathor Says:

    “I had a life and a love and I lost them both one year ago yesterday.”

    ... that line brought a tear to my eye.

  2. Opester Says:

    Awesome chapter, here, babe! This is my favorite so far as it has so much emotion and heart and it is so much more than just a vivid sex scene-it's the emotion and the connection between them that makes this chapter so wonderful! Thanks for taking my breath away!

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